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Why Private Jets Are The Unlikely Heroes of The COVID-19 Pandemic

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What has been the biggest impact of the COVID-19 pandemic? Of course, there’s no easy way to answer this question. We have spent over a year trying to figure out ways to slow the spread of the virus, but the problems have gone far beyond that. To say that the pandemic has affected every aspect of human life and brought society to a standstill would be an understatement.

The New Normal & Its Challenges

On the one hand, you have people across the globe mourning the untimely demise of their loved ones. Even if your family hasn’t been directly hit by the novel coronavirus yet, witnessing the sheer magnitude of loss and grief can be overwhelming.

On the other hand, there’s the catastrophic economic impact that the pandemic has unleashed on the world. With furloughs turning into layoffs and small businesses permanently shutting their doors, the “new normal” seems bleak at best.

Then there’s the loneliness that sets in with travel restrictions and social distancing protocols. It isn’t surprising that more people are struggling with mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression.

In a pre-pandemic world, you could have considered taking a short vacation or heading to your parental home to take a break from your routine life. Of course, this seems unlikely with the increased emphasis on self-isolation and quarantine.

Even the thought of stepping into a crowded airport and standing in TSA screening queues can send chills down your spine. But as is the case with every dark cloud, there’s always a silver lining.

Private jet flights have witnessed a surge in demand despite the cornucopia of travel restrictions across the world. Whether you’re traveling leisure, business, or a medical emergency, private jets offer a secure and convenient alternative to commercial flights. It isn’t surprising that the business jets market is projected to climb to $32 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 16%.

But what’s been triggering this increased demand for private jets during the pandemic? How are people affording the sky-high prices of such flights? How safe is it to fly in a private jet in the middle of an ongoing pandemic? You need to take safety precautions when flying while pregnant, so you should take some during the pandemic, too. What measures should you take?

In the following sections, we’ll explore the answers to all these questions and more. Let’s get started.

Health Benefits of Private Jet Flights

To begin with, flying in a private jet minimizes your exposure to the novel coronavirus. From ID verification and baggage drop to security check and boarding – commercial flights involve more than 700 touchpoints.

On the other hand, flying in a private jet involves nearly 20 touchpoints between entry and boarding. This is because such flights typically operate between smaller airports that are sparsely crowded.

Also, you don’t have to wait in long queues to collect your boarding pass, drop your check-in baggage, and go through TSA screening. Needless to say, a reduced number of touchpoints and fewer people at the airport decrease your risk of contagion.

Moreover, most private jet operators are taking special precautions to ensure that every flight is disinfected according to the latest safety protocols. The cabin crew is also thoroughly screened to rule out any chances of infection.

The best part is that a private jet eliminates the dangers of flying with strangers during a pandemic. The last thing you want is to sit next to an arrogant passenger who refuses to wear their face shield and mask because the flight makes them feel claustrophobic.

A private jet flight is usually reserved for a small number of passengers, typically comprising your friends and family members. While some operators might pair you with other passengers, they take extra precautions to screen every passenger and identify their exposure history.

This is particularly useful for senior and immunocompromised travelers, as well as passengers with comorbidities.

Facilitating Repatriation & Medical Needs

Many tourists, students, and business executives were left stranded in foreign countries at the start of the pandemic when several countries began announcing sudden lockdowns. The situation became particularly grim with the limited availability of passenger flights and complicated quarantine protocols.

This is where federal governments began exploring private jets as a feasible option for bringing citizens to their home countries. Likewise, these flights were also used for transporting medical supplies, including PPE kits and medication, to various countries.

Greater Control & Convenience

Another crucial benefit of traveling in a private jet is that you’ve got complete control over the schedule, instead of depending on pre-decided flight timings. It’s even possible for operators to arrange emergency flights right before and during lockdowns.

For instance, Airjet Line, a European private jet operator, can organize private jet flights on an urgent basis across the continent. While the company’s services focus on England and Germany, they can arrange flights to other parts of Europe as well. Combined with the security benefits, this makes private jets ideal when you need to travel for medical treatment. 

Plummeting Costs

Traditionally, private jets were used by c-suite executives and senior-level business officials. However, as the world came to a standstill in 2020, most organizations adopted remote work policies to maintain business continuity. Also, with most businesses facing budget cuts, they’ve continued to minimize work-related travel.

This, in turn, has compelled private jet operators to open their services for leisure and emergency travel. Consequently, availing a private jet flight has become more affordable than it used to be in the pre-pandemic era.

Final Thoughts

Safe and convenient air travel during a pandemic isn’t just required for all your burnout holiday cravings. It could be a necessity when you need to visit another country for medical treatment or travel with your pet. Private jet flights, owing to their flexibility and limited capacity, are making this possible.

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