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Why Become a Private Jet Charter Company CEO and an Entrepreneur?

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Richard Zaher in a Global 5000
Richard Zaher in a Global 5000

In a recent interview, I was asked: “what is the best part of your job?” I responded by saying the best part about being an entrepreneur and, more specifically, a private jet charter brokerage company CEO is hearing our clients say they appreciate what we do for them and when they are grateful.

There have been many times when clients of ours have come back to us and said thank you so much for the work that you do for various reasons. These affirmations make me feel as though my work and our work as a team means more than simply making a living, earning a paycheck, or growing a business. It represents giving something back and contributing to the greater good of our planet and the universe.

Having said that, it’s not that financial gains, when ethically earned, are not important. We all have needs and desires and families to support. I am no different. Furthermore, when I am successful in business, it allows me and my team to contribute to other causes to improve and contribute to the greater good. By doing well financially, we can do more for others.

In 2017 we had a fantastic year of gains. We were very busy, and in fact, we made INC 5000 fastest growing company in 2018 based on those numbers. What did I do? I spent a considerable amount of time doing work which would satisfy my soul. I went out every chance I had and looked for people I could help. From giving homeless people money to food and supplies drive for McDowell County to driving around during the snowstorms to find people who needed help.

I would load up tools and a rope in my truck and drive into the worst storms looking for people in need of help. Over the course a few months, I became a walking and living solution to where ever I went and whoever came my way. It felt amazing. I once stopped heavy traffic to rescue a deer and fawn that were stuck in the median. I delivered flowers to a distressed bank teller, I pushed a student’s car that broke down during rush hour to safety by myself while everyone watched, I saved a baby spider from being crushed on a busy sidewalk and I even organized a neighborhood clean up. Leesburg Executive Airport and ProJet Aviation joined in and together we went back to McDowell County to help more. I looked for people and animals and things I could help in whatever way I could and where ever I went.

Richard Zaher's Best You Best Me Neighborhood Cleanup Finale
Richard Zaher’s Non-Profit, Best You Best Me, celebrating the finale of their 2018 Neighborhood Cleanup Campaign
Richard Zaher cleaning a road with his sons
Richard Zaher cleaning a road with his sons, as part of the Best You Best Me, Cleanup Campaign

These experiences were spiritual experiences that made me feel as though I have a purpose. And none of these experiences would have been possible without having some success as an entrepreneur. It’s great to be able to give back financially as well as to give with words and actions. Sometimes kind and genuine words can be more beneficial than a generous donation of cash, but having the financial means allows me to be more creative and valuable to anyone I can be helpful to in most cases.

I love private jets, our industry, and the people in our industry. The private aviation industry is one with lots of amazing people who are successful, educated, and kind. Being an entrepreneur is also challenging and wonderful with lots of opportunities, but what makes it all worth it for me is the ability to contribute to the greater good. Making other beings happy is precisely what makes me happy, and that is the best part of being a private jet charter company CEO and an entrepreneur, in my opinion.

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