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Why Apps Will Never Replace a Jet Charter Broker

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While there seems to be an app for everything these days, there will never be an app that could replace a jet charter broker. Find out why, here.

Travel in this day and age is as simple as calling a ride-sharing service or lodging in someone’s home via various websites and applications.

Some users love the ability to manage their coming and going from each respective technology’s UI. Others miss the nostalgia of having a point person to call for their travel needs.

The argument for apps is about more than the modern world we live in. Fans say they make travel easier, whether it be for airplane tickets or a last minute cab ride.

Yet, in truth, the best way to book your travel is through the professionals. The living, breathing people who are trained to help you search, book, and change reservations as needed.

This is especially the case for luxury travel needs.

The following is a closer look at why a jet charter broker is a better travel tool than an app.

Standard Rates Do Vary

The prices of booking private flights on a case by case basis can add up quickly. This is why many people love the ability to pay one standard membership fee to access all their airline needs.

The quality of their experience, though, depends on what they’re paying for.

Signing up for an airline rental app provides a general level of access.

It charges the same thing if you use your app a few times a year or a few times a month. Not to mention, the system ends up feeling like commercial booking, and the creators of the app can change terms whenever they’d like.

A membership with a jet charter broker is different.

This is not a subscription you pay in exchange for a basic service. This is your access to a fine-tuned, catered travel experience. The rates may be comparable, but the options and the overall attention to detail are significantly better with charter brokers.

Apps Don’t Understand Flexible Flying

Speaking of options, that’s something you’d probably like more of.

What if you just want to fly direct? What if you need to push your flights back/up and don’t want to go through the hoops of commercial customer service?

With a jet charter broker, you don’t have to. You can create a custom itinerary that best suits your needs.

To get the most of this, it’s best to book in advance and secure your charter. But, practically anything is possible. Some charters even have special low-cost rates for empty one-way flights – talk about being flexible!

User Categories Can’t Beat Custom Services

At the end of the day, the concept of a jet charter broker versus an app comes down to this: apps group users into categories and pre-determined situations, a personal service creates the travel itinerary that is made just for you.

Think of this like picking up the phone and getting an operator, or being able to talk to someone. An operator only gives you so many options. A real person can quickly determine your need and find the best possible option.

The agents at a jet charter service know the flight patterns of the day and the available flights in the near future. They can provide insight on how to get you from point A to point B in the most comfortable manner – comfortable meaning financially reasonable as well as timely.

Plus, booking through real people over an app comes with even more customer service perks.

Build Relationships

Any good business model comes down to forming strong relationships.

You can’t really get to know the technology behind an app. Sure, it will get to know you a bit. It will calculate flights based on previous searches and maybe offer you a flight path you recently took again.

But, that’s nothing compared to how an attentive professional can get to know you.

A jet charter broker will come to understand all of your travel preferences in full.

They will know whether you like morning or evening flights and why. They will know your preferred plane in the fleet they offer and even where you like to make connections if need be.

Such choices may not be rocket science, but they make a big difference. Give yourself this level of access when organizing your next trip with the help of a real-life person.

Access Customer Service

Do you need to suddenly book a flight within the next few hours? Are you looking to make a last-minute change to an existing reservation?

The best way to handle such arrangements is to go straight to the source taking care of your trip. When you have your jet charter broker on speed dial, this is easier to do than trying to figure out the FAQs on an app.

You can call your broker with confidence and get feedback right way. They will let you know if the immediate changes you need are possible, and confirm how the changes will be made.

This kind of peace of mind is priceless. It goes above and beyond to provide the experience you need – even when your changes are pressed for time.

Delete Your Flying App and Call a Jet Charter Broker

The only real way to discover the difference a jet charter broker can have on your future travel plans is to make the switch yourself. Shut down the app, log out, or don’t even bother downloading it if you haven’t yet.

The choice is simple. The choice is to use a charter service.

This is your ultimate travel tool. You can book your own flights or fly in clients and family. You can find deals on the fly or even reserve a jet at your on-demand disposal.

All of this and more is possible when you get in touch with a jet charter broker.

Contact us today to experience luxury travel from a top-notch service.

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