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London Heathrow Airport

Well known as one of the busiest airports in the world, London Heathrow may seem like an obvious choice for many private jet passengers. The FBO facilities are high quality, and the airport has excellent transport links for onward journeys. However, its popularity comes at a price! Landing fees at Heathrow are pricey, so the landing fees can potentially double your total charter cost. In addition to this, slots are less readily available due to the large numbers of flights leaving and entering the airport. 

London Gatwick Airport

Situated just south of the M25, Gatwick can be a straighforward alternative to Heathrow and is very popular for commercial flights. It does also have similar drawbacks to Heathrow, as the landing fees are almost just as expensive.

Biggin Hill Airport

Biggin Hill is a mere 30 minute drive from London Gatwick, and offers a more suitable alternative for private jet charter flights. It boasts two FBOs (private jet passenger terminals) and is also closer to central London! Landing fees and hangar facilities are far less expensive, so Biggin Hill can offer a more cost-effective solution as a London airport. 

London City Airport

London City is naturally a great choice when flying into London due to it being situated just a few miles from Canary Wharf. It comes with some limitations (due to being so close to the city centre!), as a much steeper approach profile is required, meaning that only certain aircraft with suitably trained pilots are able to land here. This limits the number of aircraft we can offer into London City, but this doesn’t necessarily need to be a limitation on your trip. London City is incredibly popular for private jet flights, especially for our business clients. 

Farnborough is the UK’s only fully dedicated private jet airport – so no commercial flights arrive or depart from here at all. It is the airport of choice for most private jet customers in the south of England, due to its exclusivity, privacy and proximity to London as it’s just a short trip down the M3. Although landing and handling fees can be a little higher than the likes of Luton, Farnborough still offers a cheaper alternative to Gatwick and Heathrow with the added bonus of the exclusive and highest quality passenger facilities. 

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