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Waze and public shortcuts, Papers please on buses, Booking private jets

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How do Google maps, Waze, and Apple maps affect local traffic? What is the legal basis of customs checks for proper papers long past the border? And, can normal folk really fly private airlines?

What happens when a city bans non-resident drivers?
The use of GPS directions has made some neighborhoods, which were once traffic-free far more traveled. Some cities are now using “do not enter” signs to stop traffic.

…the Leonia ordinance might be the most dramatic example of a town taking drastic measures to combat the effects of a disruptive mobility technology. It raises a host of thorny questions about the responsibilities of private companies when they impact public space, and how government can, and should, respond. “Demographic explosion and the growth of urban areas are just going to make this problem worse,” said Alexandre Bayen, the director of UC Berkeley’s Institute of Transportation Studies, where he has extensively studied the effects of routing apps on traffic. “It’s a real time bomb. There’s no doubt.”

Many residents said the ordinance’s most passionate proponents were young parents, who had felt that the town’s roads had become unsafe thanks to the extra traffic. One resident of 38 years, who declined to be named, was glad to see more safety on Fort Lee Road, which has seen deaths in the past. But she felt that the rules were “kind of idiotic” — the town, she said, should have gone after the tech companies behind the apps, not the drivers who use them.

Greyhound is choosing to let border patrol demand its passengers’ papers

Customs and border patrol agents are starting to stop some buses near the border at random and ask for immigration papers. Is this legal? Is this a good idea or the beginning of a police state. The debate rages.

Greyhound officials say they’re just complying with the law. But 10 ACLU state affiliates argue Greyhound has the right — and the responsibility to its passengers — to demand a warrant for Border Patrol officers to board its buses.

The tactic of boarding buses to ask passengers for papers isn’t new to the Trump administration, but immigrant rights advocates say it’s happening more frequently as the president seeks to detain and deport more immigrants. People were outraged in January when a Greyhound passenger posted video of Border Patrol officers demanding proof of citizenship from every passenger on the bus. It’s not just buses: Border Patrol has also questioned passengers on Amtrak trains, and last year Customs and Border Protection agents demanded passengers on a flight show ID when leaving a domestic flight. This isn’t for buses, trains or flights coming into the U.S.; it happens when people are traveling from place to place inside the U.S.

You can now book a seat on a private jet through JetBlue

Many of us have dreamed of flying on private planes. Now, JetBlue is bringing this into more travelers’ reality with their link with JetSuiteX. Wouldn’t it be nice, but then again one has to be able to pay the costs. Before, such planes were out of the range of the normal public. But today, some ways of booking these private jets are changing.

For the past two years, JetSuiteX has been operating semi-private flights along the west coast. JetSuiteX passengers use private jet terminals, which cuts security wait time (passengers only need to arrive 15 to 20 minutes before their flight) and eliminates typical airport stress and chaos.

The airline’s Embraer E135 aircraft have only 30 seats, with 36-inch pitch between each, comparable to the space offered in the business class cabin on most domestic airlines. Onboard, passengers have power outlets at every seat, two free checked bags, and complimentary snack and beverage service.

With JetSuiteX, passengers can fly to Las Vegas and to Burbank, Concord, and Oakland in California. The charter airline also makes special trips for events like Coachella and the Sundance Film Festival.

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