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Watching these 2 megapreachers defend their private jets is a more effective emetic than syrup of ipecac

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/ Mark Frauenfelder / Oct 1, 2018

Watching these 2 megapreachers defend their private jets is a more effective emetic than syrup of ipecac

Do you need to void the contents of your stomach quickly? Watch this conversation between televangelists Kenneth Copeland (reported net worth $300 million) and Jesse Duplantis (reported net worth $50 million), in which they explain that they reason men of God require private jets is because they can’t stand up and have a conversation with God on a commercial plane. Also, in “this dope filled world,” you’re likely to find yourself in “a long tube filled with demons.”

Kenneth Copeland also owns a $260,000 Maserati. I’ll bet he and God had some great talks in that.

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