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The ‘UBER’ of private jets? Canadian pilot brings private air travel to the masses

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Is it the ‘UBER’ of the private jets?

Not exactly – but Jettly, a Web and single app charter booking platform that offers private air travel through on-demand features, hopes to make make the ‘private jet’ experience a reality for everyone.

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Operating under a Netflix-style subscription model, Jettly is gaining rapid, global traction as a viable solution to the financial burden and inconvenience associated with conventional airline travel. You can charter a helicopter, prop, or jet aircraft, “similar to how you call an UBER.”

Currently, the global technology company has over 9,500 aircraft and over 19,000 customers. Further, they say they’ve seen a 458% year-over-year revenue growth. The founder and CEO of the company is Justin Crabbe, a Canadian pilot. Under his leadership, the company has expanded their network across 190 countries and territories worldwide.

What are some of the advantages?

Jettly notes the following:

  1. Private jets land closer to your destination.
  2. No more layovers – get straight to where you’re going and you don’t have to wait
  3. Bring pets onboard – your dogs, cats, and other pets can sit in the cabin with you
  4. Luxury – choose a high-end aircraft which is suited to your personal needs and tastes
  5. Good food – rather than bland airline food, you can enjoy your favourite cuisine
  6. Privacy – with a private jet charter, you aren’t forced to share the journey
  7. Comfort – they argue it’s easier to rest on a private jet charter than it would be on a regular flight.

In addition, the company states that by, “booking empty leg flights, the unsold portions of a booked flight, members can book a private jet in a matter of minutes and save up to 75% on the normal commercial traveling price.”

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