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The Rich Kids of Instagram flaunt their lavish summers – from sunbathing on superyachts to luxury holidays via their private jets

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AS THE summer winds to an end, you can probably expect to see a little less holiday spam on Instagram.

That is of course unless you’re a rich kid, in which case the vacation never ends as these smug snaps prove.

The Rich Kids of Instagram have been flaunting their enviable holidays on Instagram

For the Rich Kids of Instagram there is no sweating it when it comes to the heat as their cold hard cash is enough to keep them cool.

A package holiday simply won’t do with the youngsters jetting off to five star resorts in the Maldives, Dubai and the South of France.

And while most of us will be packing away our swimsuits for another year, these lucky youngsters flaunt their toned figures on board their super-yachts, or poolside at a five star resort.

In some cases they even combine the two, with heiresses taking a dip in their on-deck pool.

When it comes to travelling, you can forget economy, with this lot touching down in style on board their super luxe private jets.

While most of us prepare to return to work for good, the holiday never ends for these pampered youngsters
Economy is not an option for this lot who travel exclusively via private jet
And when it comes to in-flight entertainment, how about haute cuisine washed down with a glass of bubbles?
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Souvenirs are a far-call from your average straw donkey
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There’s no fighting for a sun lounger at these five star resorts
But if you are struggling, you could always take a dip in your pool on your super-yacht
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Ubers don’t cut the mustard for these youngsters who rely on flash cars to get from A to B
And as these glamorous ladies prove they make the perfect setting for a killer Insta pose
It’s not all lounging around with this Rich Kid indulging in a spot of paddle boarding
When supplies are dwindling a quick trip to the shops is in order to quench these Rich Kids’ thirsts
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And at the end of the day there is always time to watch a sunset
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And once you’ve landed, an Uber just won’t fit the bill with these teens relying on supercars to get them from A to B.

Elsewhere, we previously told you how a Rich Kid of Instagram was accused of animal cruelty after letting a lion cub play in her Lamborghini. 

Meanwhile the rich parents of Instagram have been sharing enviable snaps of their summer holidays.

And these ‘Anti Rich Kids’ of Instagram create hilarious parodies poking fun at the snobby show offs.

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