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The Rich Are Struggling To Find Private Jets For Sale

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The Rich Are Struggling To Find Private Jets For Sale

Shopping for a car right now is not a very fun experience. There’s very little new car inventory, and the used inventory is even worst. Odds are, if you’re in the market for a car today, new or used, you’ll be overpaying. And that’s a real problem because people need cars to get around. This is especially true in a country like the US, where public transport isn’t that great.

However, before you feel sorry for your inability to buy a car, take a moment and spare a hope and a prayer for the real victims of over demand and under supply: private jet customers. They are the people that are truly hurting. New business jets can’t be made fast enough, and the used jet market is bone dry. Yes, these are trying times.

Now, you might say the one percent could just fly first class. However, they rather not do that these days for obvious reasons. It wasn’t always like this. Many wealthy travelers previously avoided private jets travel due to concerns over the environment and flight shaming. Private jets burn more fuel per passenger than commercial jets. Since COVID-19 however, rich fliers have been shifting to private aviation to avoid airport crowds and coronavirus variants.

Now, we got a ton of first-time jet buyers, and those who have desirable jets are holding onto them, even if they own multiple jets. Jeff Bezos own two jets, while Bill Gates and Elon Musk owns four. You would think they would want to help out their fellow billionaires and offer up one of their jets for sale, but no can do! After all, how can you live with only one private jet at your beck and call?

If you’re struggling to find a private jet for sale, I feel for you and your pain. I recommend you to be patient and wait a bit for new production to ramp up. In the mean time, you can use a private jet charter service to move around. Or you can try flying commercial and experience what it’s like to be a commoner.

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