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Football superstars are always on the run not only in stadiums but also in the sky. Traveling fast, efficient and in style is a certain need for these stars, we believe their jet choices answer not only these needs but also reflect their own personality and style.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Gulfstream G650

The Portuguese superstar has the distinction of owning the most expensive plane of any player on this list: the $64.5 million Gulfstream G650. Ronaldo’s impressive jet has an ultralong range of over 8,000 miles, meaning he can travel from Los Angeles to Tokyo or New York to Dubai or without refueling.

The cabin can accommodate up to nineteen passengers in a typical configuration and can fit a sleeping ten.

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Embraer Legacy 650

Messi can fly home in comfort aboard his Embraer Legacy 650. The twelve passenger jet can fly as fast as Mach .80 (that’s about 985 kph / 613 mph) and has a range of 4,488 miles, giving it intracontinental capabilities.
It also has lie-flat seats so he could be able to stretch out!

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Neymar da Silva Santos Jr.

Cessna Citation Sovereign+

The Brazilian superstar Neymar certainly likes to travel in a style he bought his Cessna Citation Sovereign after owning an Embraer 100, indeed a thoughtful upgrade.
The football superstar is especially appreciative of the Sovereign’s 12-passenger seating capacity, he is happy to host his friends aboard comfortably as well.

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Cessna Citation XLS+

While this plane has a more limited range than some of the planes on this list at 2,416 miles, it’s more than enough for making quick visits around Europe. The midsize jet is also large enough for the Real Madrid player to take up to eight other people along for the ride.

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Bombardier Challenger 350

Though he retired from the sport some time ago, the star has achieved the level of international fame with his fashion line and merchandise. He and his wife often fly around on private charter jets, but the power couple is also said to have their own Bombardier Challenger 350 ready to fly them around on demand.
The plane seats up to ten, so they have more than enough room to travel with their four children. It also has a range of 3,682 miles, which means that it can travel all around Europe and even to Dubai without having to stop for refueling.

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Cessna Citation Longitude

The Los Angeles Galaxy star could jump in his Cessna Citation Longitude to get to any match since he is no longer playing international games, although there would have to be a few stops given the Cessna 4,027-mile range. The plane is able to seat as many as twelve people and has a top speed of 880 kph / 548 mph.

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