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The Most Sophisticated Way to Fly to Moscow Via Gulfstream G650

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Hailed as a cultural capital, Moscow brings you to its rich history and culture as well as a sophisticated lifestyle. Moscow has three major airports including Domodedovo Airport with approximately 30 million flying to this airport and 26 miles away from the main city, Sheremetyevo Airport which is 18 miles from Moscow’s main center and Vnukovo Airport which had an influx of 11.18 million passengers in the previous year and is about 16 miles from the main center.

With busy airports like these, comfort and peace of mind is hard to achieve with just the traditional way of flying. Getting to Moscow in your preferred time and pace gives you more time to enjoy and plan out your trip well compared to going for what’s available in traditional flights. Get more value out of your travel experience and book at your convenient schedule with private charters from West Palm Beach to Moscow via the Gulfstream G650 which has high standard design and features that’s fit for busy executives to passengers who want to fly in style and maximum comfort.

Take advantage of the amazing benefits of the Gulfstream G650 which include:

Well-ventilated Aircraft

The Gulfstream G650 has 16 panoramic windows allowing natural light to come in every area of the aircraft.

Elegant and Spacious Interior

From the tall main entry door one of the largest interiors any long-range business jet could have, the Gulfstream G650 is designed to provide comfort throughout one’s long flight.

Passenger Care Features

G650 also has an environment-friendly system to reduce fatigue among passengers and a unique feature that replenishes fresh air every two minutes.

Lowest Cabin Altitude

Amassing a maximum cruise altitude of 51,000 feet, the flight will feel as though you are flying at sea-level because of G650’s long and unrestrained wings allow a swift yet smooth ride.

Flexible Work and Leisure Areas

The cabin includes reliable communication systems such as a high-speed WiFi connection for seamless streaming of videos or unlimited access to files and wireless local network for phone service and onboard printing. Luxurious furnishings and dedicated spaces for meeting and dining are also available plus a wide galley and kitchen appliances complete with your own service crew for professional assistance.

For a personalized quote on the Gulfstream G650 for your next executive trip or any other occasion, contact us or call our 24/7 Flight Team at (888) 507-8582.

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