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There’s a big difference between “cheap” and “affordable,” and many first time buyers underestimate the cost disparity.  For example, the $500,000 jet with a roomy cabin may need $2,000,000 in upgrades if it’s going to be flying in two years.  And of course, it’s always important to be in an aircraft that meets your mission—runway limitations, number of passengers, and range requirements. We’ve identified a few models that we feel comfortable recommending according to their size category.

But before an aspiring private jet owner begins her search, it’s important to understand all the factors that make up an aircraft’s “cost” instead of “price.” The following are the major considerations:

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Considering all of these factors, our recommendations regarding the most affordable private jets are as follows:

To learn more about how much it will cost to operate some of the most affordable planes on the market, download our Buyers’ Guide for Single-Pilot Planes by clicking on the graphic below. For access to 84% off the Buyers’ Guide, fill out a short survey after clicking below and wait to receive the coupon code via email!

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