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The Future is Private Jets in a Post-Pandemic World


The revenue generated by the aviation industry was hit considerably in 2020 due to the pandemic. The many lockdowns and stay-at-home orders around the world resulted in a 60% drop in passenger numbers.

According to many news reports the aviation industry was able to earn only 40% of the revenue generated in 2019.

As more and more people get vaccinated, the aviation industry is expected to see some growth in numbers. However, even though many lockdown measures have been lifted, traveling in commercial air crafts can still put you at risk of coming in contact with the virus.

Not only are people not maintaining safe distances, wear masks, or get vaccinated but many airlines have also seen an increase in air rage. People are also still not very comfortable with flying commercially.

Why should you fly private?

Flying private, if possible, has many perks already. In the current circumstances, more and more people are choosing to charter planes and fly privately because:

  • Less contact with people – On commercial planes and airports, it is harder to maintain social distancing. However, if you fly private, not only do you come in contact with fewer people.
  • Sanitation – Due to the pandemic, the aviation companies that offer charter jet services, ensure that the sanitary environment of the customer is well-maintained. They also prioritize the safety of the crew and cabin members by regular temperature screenings and testing.

What are some notable private jet trends that can be expected in a post-covid world?

While it is expected that the commercial aviation industry will return to normal sooner than later. The following are some changes that are expected to be noticed in private jet, ownership, and chartering:

  • Integration of digital technology- To improve the experience and safety of their passengers, the private jet industry will integrate digital technology to check-in, make contactless payments, and share information about restrictions and other status reports.
  • First-time Flyers- The private jet industry is expected to see an increase in first-time flyers because of private jets being a safer travel option. The charter industry will specifically see an increase in its customer base due to increased cleanliness and better social distancing.
  • Faster/shorter routes- Connecting flights put passengers at risk of contracting COVID-19. Private jet operators have the flexibility to look for more direct routes which cannot be accessed by commercial aircraft.

During the pandemic, we have seen that private jets have a lot more advantages since they can provide a safer environment for their passengers. And because of its ease to conform and to adapt to the change in attitude post-pandemic.

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