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Smaller family means smaller private jets, fewer limousines says Prince Harry

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Prince Harry says concerns about climate change and the planets dwindling resources has led to his and Meghan’s decision to have a smaller family. The Royal couple said that the environment must come first before their own selfish comforts and needs and they would do everything they can to help leave a better planet for future generations to enjoy.
Following a defence of the Prince’s jet-setting by Sir Elton John, Harry said a smaller Sussex family would be able to fly around the world in more environmentally friendly private jets – such as a Cessna or a Legacy 650E – much smaller than the ones used by other members of the Royal family who have larger families to accommodate. Only having two children would also mean their fleet of Discoveries and Freelanders would be much smaller than those of the rest of the Royal family and their use of grandma’s Phantom VI would be kept to a bare minimum.

A smaller family would also mean the cost of renovating their next weekend retreat would only cost the taxpayer a few million ‘here and there’ and probably not as much as the £2.5m they splashed on the yoga floor at Frogmore Cottage. The Prince also said that the Sussex children could expect to wear the same clothes at least two or three times before throwing them out although he was not expecting to cut back on the £100,000+ their fashion conscious mum spunked on new frocks last year.

Future wedding costs would also be scaled back….probably no more than the £10-15m spent on Eugenie, although taking inflation into account that could easily rise to as much as the carbon neutral £32m Harry and Meg spent flying guests in from around the world.

‘And there will be no future skiing holidays from now on’, said Harry. ‘Not because we think it’s damaging to the environment. It’s because the warming planet means all the snow has melted. I guess that means more Caribbean holidays for the Sussex family. It’s a shame about the skiing, but we all have to make sacrifices’.

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