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Service Dog Puppies Are Being Flown By Private Jets To Start Their Training – Tyla

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Pilots Martyn Lewis, Josh Hochberg and Jeff Stewart were volunteering for the nonprofit, which has also bought puppies to Idago, Southern California, Oregon, Texas, Montana and Washington to be trained up, and offer people the vital help they so desperately need.

There, the volunteer trainers are set to teach them around 30 commands until they’re about a year and a half, before they’re sent to professional training centres to learn even more advanced instructions.

Josh Hocherg, who also owned the Jet Center in Sonoma where the planes flew out from, said that the dogs were good as gold on the journey, too, and often sleep the entire time.

Currently the nonprofit has 400 people waiting for a service dog of their own, so it’s essential this selfless voluntary work continues.

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