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Rich kids of Switzerland show off luxurious lifestyles with snaps of designer bags and private jets | Daily Mail Online

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If anyone can empathise with the UK’s Brexit crisis it’s Switzerland, with the country facing the threat of being cut off from European stock markets if it doesn’t reach agreement over its future partnership with the EU. 

But the row couldn’t be further from the minds of moneyed youngsters who are focused on  private jets, designer shopping sprees and sports cars, which they show off on the Rich Kids of Switzerland Instagram account. 

From posing on top of a grey Lamborghini to a woman with an enviable wardrobe seen shopping for a new Hermes item to add to her desirable collection, extravagance is a must.  

Meanwhile, a fashion blogger from Zurich is also seen enjoying the beauty of the Alps in a stunning pool overlooking the mountains.

What a view! Fashion blogger Michèle Krüsi, who is based in Zurich, shared this snap of her enjoying the view of the Alps while at a hotel and spa the Cambrian Adelboden

Flying first class! Although stepping onto a private jet, this young woman decided to keep her outfit simple for the journey in just leggings and a crop top

Shop till you drop! Having a designer wardrobe seems to be a must to make it onto the Rich Kids’ Instagram – and this woman made sure to keep up the standards with a trip to a Hermes store

Why is Switzerland at risk of losing equivalence status?

Swiss stock exchanges could lose their access to EU investors from July because Brussels and Switzerland have so far failed to reach a compromise over their future partnership. 

Swiss bourses have free access to the larger EU market thanks to an ‘equivalence’ status that the EU has granted them. But that expires at the end of June unless it is renewed.

The European Commission has set as a precondition for proposing that extension that Bern endorses a deal on its overall relations with the bloc, which was agreed in November after years of negotiations.

In a meeting of top negotiators on June 12, Brussels offered Switzerland clarifications on key issues raised by Bern on future relations. But the Swiss replied on Friday that this was ‘not enough’ and would continue assessing the draft deal in an internal working group they plan to set up.

Bern wanted clarifications on protecting Swiss wages, regulating state aid, and spelling out citizens’ rights.

But the EU does not want to renegotiate which has left Bern facing the prospect of Swiss stock exchanges losing direct access to the single market on July 1. 

Failure of the talks could send shock waves through Switzerland that go far beyond a diplomatic deep freeze.

If equivalence is not extended, EU-based banks and brokers will no longer be able to trade on Swiss exchanges. They now generate more than half the turnover on Swiss stock markets. 

Flashing the cash! These men made sure their notes – and their snazzy watches – grabbed all the attention in this less than subtle snap shared on the Rich Kid’s Instagram account

That’s not how you drive a car! Designer Philipp Plein, who was born in Germany and educated in Switzerland, climbed onto the top of his grey sports car for a fancy Instagram snap

Luxury all round! The Rich Kids of Switzerland know if you’re checking into a five star hotel such as the Dolder Grand, you’ve got to arrive in style – with a Louis Vuitton bag and sports car

Fabulous friends! These two happy young women paired their stylish Chanel and Christian Dior handbags with designer white shoes for the walk from a private jet

Stylish spa time! Another snap on the Instagram page reveals a woman taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life by taking a dip in a pool at one of Switzerland’s gorgeous spas

All together now! These pals showed off their matching designer watches and bottles of expensive drink for a stylish snap on Instagram

The sky’s the limit! Instagram user greenorange also featured on the account and was seen posing next to a helicopter in an all-white ensemble before a private trip up in the air

Why carry 50s when you can have 500s! This person shared a snap of their Louis Vuitton wallet overflowing with money on the Rich Kids of Switzerland Instagram account

Rich kids of Switzerland show off luxurious lifestyles with snaps of designer bags and private jets

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