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Rich Kids of Instagram tackle end of summer blues with private jets | Daily Mail Online

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No Autumn blues here! Rich Kids of Instagram tackle the end of summer slump with private jets, desert safaris and designer airport attire

Lockdown is over and travel is opening up again, but much as you might love to jet off for weeks on end to let your hair down after months of doom and gloom, it’s not realistic for the average person with bills, a job and a family to tend to.  

However the rich and insta-famous folk have no such problems, and are taking to social media to show us how  post-lockdown is really done.

From boarding a private jet, to donning a swimsuit in the desert with no swimming pool in sight, the influencers of today really know how to  splash the cash.

And some are even making it a family affair, whipping their mini-mes on exotic breaks around the world as they show them a taste of the high life. 

Instagram stars no such problems, and are taking to social media to show us how post-lockdown is really done. Influencer Katya poses in a leotard as she admires the views on a desert safari in Dubai

Fashion model Maria shares a glimpse inside a jet as she travels around Europe in style, toting the essential Hermes Birkin bag as she stops off in Ibiza and Madrid

Travel lover Caroline Stanbury counts Louis Vuitton slippers as essential airport chic attire as she travels First Class to California

Elsewhere, Nata-Ava from Russia treats her mini-me to a taste of the high life as they travel abroad in style – even rocking coordinating colour-block sweatsuits

Fashionista Daria Radionova, who splits her time between London and Monaco, treats herself to breakfast with a view as she admires a crumpet in a luxury resort in Turkey

WAG Gabby, from New York, ensures everything is on brand as she enjoys a family vacation in Miami with her mini-me – complete with matching Versace swimsuits

Influencer Elena decided to take on the Burj in Dubai as she admires the view during a sun-soaked luxury holiday

Allegra  from Monaco shows us what the good life really is as she lifts a leg in salute to the fast cars and fantastic coastline that make up Monte Carlo

Irina Cerutti from Swizerland keeps a check on the cobbles as she navigates a fashionable foot around Palazzo Fiuggi in Italy

Influencer ‘Super car blondie’ gives cars a rest as she luxuriates in the Maldives, taking  in the infinity pool and palm-fringed beach with a victory sign and a kick of  the  leg

Pink perfection! Instagram influencer Love Rose shared this photo from her birthday in Dubai

Instagrammer Asam Ashmawi looked the picture of cool in his luxury car in Puerto Banús

It is a late night trip to Bond Street with Instagram influencer Indy Singh, who splits his time between Dubai, Marbella and London

Social media star Maryy Jane showed off her designer outfit and OTT car in London

Rich Kids of Instagram tackle end of summer blues with private jets

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