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REPORT: Over 400 Gas-Guzzling Private Jets Carry Climate Change Frauds to COP26…Empty Planes Are Forced To Travel 30 Miles From Airport To Avoid Traffic Jam

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It’s like a broken record—billionaire globalists, CEOs of major financial institutes, and far-left elected leaders from around the world make the trek on their private jets to some foreign land where they discuss ways to make everyday people comply.

For decades, globalists who’ve promised to “save the world” have struggled to get individuals and businesses on board with agreeing to have their income and freedoms stolen in the name of “man-made climate change.” Unfortunately, these past few years have proven to the world how easy it is to get entire nations to comply when globalist leaders come together and demand that citizens fall in line. Who knew it was so easy? It only took months for one man-made virus to be released from a lab in communist China that resulted in stripping citizens in free countries around the world of their God-given rights and freedoms.

While Australians are being handcuffed and arrested for the crime of sitting in the sand near the ocean and Americans are being fired from their jobs for refusing to take a COVID jab, billionaires from around the world are boarding their gas-guzzling private jets to find new ways to strip everyday citizens of even more rights (as impossible as that may seem).

Amazon founder and multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos, “President” Biden, the UK’s clown show, that includes Boris Johnson and the arrogant Prince Charles, who’s spent his entire life thumbing his nose at everyday Brits, joined wealthy CEOs and radical world leaders in Glasgow to decide how they can impose crippling tax burdens on citizens of free nations around the world, to fix the weather.

The climate hypocrites, who’ve become accustomed to telling others how to live their lives while spewing more greenhouse gasses in one week than entire cities, were once again busted by honest media for their over-the-top hypocrisy.

The Daily Mail reports – Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ £48million Gulf Stream has led a 400-strong parade of private jets into COP25 including Prince Albert of Monaco, scores of royals, and dozens of ‘green’ CEOs – as an extraordinary traffic jam forced empty planes to fly 30 miles to find space to park.

Some environmental activists at the COP26 climate conference will be urging others to cut down on air travel and eat less meat, but apparently, it is fine for billionaires to fly in on their own planes on routes already served by commercial airlines.

Meanwhile, as the super-rich were whisked away into waiting limos, hundreds of less fortunate delegates were left unable to get to Glasgow after brutal storms crippled rail links, forcing travelers to sleep on the floor of Euston station in London.

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On Sunday, MailOnline observed at least 52 private jets landing at Glasgow – while estimates put the total number flying in for the conference at 400. Conservative predictions suggest the fleet of private jets arriving for COP26 will blast out 13,000tonnes of carbon dioxide in total – equivalent to the amount consumed by more than 1,600 Britons in a year.

Boris Johnson used his opening address to compare world leaders to James Bond trying to diffuse a ‘doomsday device’ some found their own way of rising to the challenge, with Prince Albert of Monaco appearing to be among those choosing to fly private – according to an analysis of flight records by MailOnline.

Bank of America, which in PR documents boasts of its ‘commitment to sustainability, was the registered owner of two private jets arriving in Scotland. They are far more polluting than commercial planes, cars, or trains, with the typical one belching out two tonnes of carbon dioxide every hour.

Mr. Bezos – who regularly lectures the world on climate change – arrived in Glasgow fresh from celebrating Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ 66th birthday on a £2million-a-week superyacht off the coast of Turkey in an event that generated fresh claims of green hypocrisy. He reached the boat by helicopter, according to reports.

The hypocrisy was at its peak when the president of the extremely impoverished nation of Nigeria flew into the hypocrite summit by private jet.

Joe Biden touched down in Edinburgh today while Germany’s Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron of France arrived at Glasgow.

President Biden alone will generate an estimated 2.2million pounds of carbon to reach the summit, thanks to a fleet of four planes, the Marine One helicopter, and an enormous motorcade including The Beast and numerous SUVs.

Does anyone wonder why the corporate media refuses to report the truth about these hypocritical billionaire fools and leftist elected leaders who will spend a week plotting about how to steal our earnings so they can relieve God of his duties to regulate the weather?

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