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Private jets : OurMumuDonDo calls for probe of religious organisations – Nigeria News Headlines Today

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ABUJA – A civil society group, OurMumuDonDo Movement, has called on the federal government to beam its searchlight on the finances of religious groups operating in the country with a view to making them transparent and accountable to the public.

National Secretary of OurMumuDonDo, Raphael Adebayo, made the call in a statement issued during the weekend, against the background of claims by a popular cleric that he was ready to increase the private jets in his fleet to a double digit figure.

Adebayo said it was unacceptable that religious leaders would be allowed to continue accruing stupendous wealth without checks even at the expense of unsuspecting members of the public while the nation also suffers deficits in numerous areas.

He said, “Regardless of how this issue is viewed, we must, as a nation, urgently consider reforms for our religious organisations.

“We must…

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