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Private Jets On Sale For Bitcoin- New Strategy To Boost Sales

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Private jets are on sale now, owned by people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, and you can purchase one for 3859 Bitcoin. Selling the jets for BTC is a part of a new sales strategy that is aimed at boosting jet sales of companies such as Aivatrade, as we are reading more in the latest Bitcoin news today.

Private jets firm Aivatrade now accepts bitcoin as payment for its multi-million dollar jets. The company introduced the new payment method in a bid to tempt international buyers. The $40 million Gulfstream aircraft is the first one available that you can acquire with Bitcoin. Aviatrade, the private airplane sales agency, launched the new payment platform which enables Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for its aircraft, according to Business Insider.

The Gulfstream G650ER model is the first aircraft that is available to be purchased with crypto and is featured on the company’s website. The six-year-old plane is the flagship of the company and costs $40 million or 3859 BTC. As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic transformed the aviation industry, Aviatrade’s move shows how private airplane sellers are turning to cryptocurrency and are luring international buyers onto the market.

Payment in cash will be subject to cross-border restrictions in other countries so the buyers can save time and money by using an alternative method to fund these expensive purchases according to the president of the company Philip Rushton. However, Aviatrade is not the first one to sell private jets for crypto. Kaizen Aerospace is a company that is engaged in private jet sales, management, and leasing accepting Bitcoin for all its services according to the chairman Fabrizio Poli:

 “We’re offering clients the opportunity to pay in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for our services, whether they’re buying an aircraft, doing maintenance, chartering, or whatever it may be. Because, if someone calls you on a Saturday for a charter, they can’t do a wire transfer.”

The blockchain payments service BitPay also enabled more than 15 transactions where crypto was used payment for private jets according to Poli. The money was first changed into fiat with one percent fee levied on the buyers. The Kaizen Aerospace and Aviatrade are among the growing list of firms that are accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for anything to flight and hotels to art and much more.

This is a phenomenon that was propelled by the coronavirus pandemic as the merchants are trying to turn to digital payment platforms that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies similar to Jack Dorsey’s Square.

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