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Private Jets Are Now Passé: The Flaris LAR 1 Personal Jet Fits In Your Garage

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The Flaris LAR 1is a single-pilot, four-passenger personal jet that was revealed at the 2013 Paris Air Show. Projected then to make its virgin flight in 2015, it was not until this July when flight tests began in Poland, following 2 years of ground tests that were completed in June. 

The Flaris LAR 1: World’s Smallest Business Jet

Dubbed the “world’s smallest business jet”, the LAR 1 is developed by Metal-Master, a Polish company that is “firmly based in the modern world, focusing on progress and innovation.” Producing technology used in manufacturing automobile parts since 2000, Metal-Master established Flaris in 2012 as its aircraft brand. The company seeks to serve as an “incubator” for structural and technological solutions through its production os S1-category planes.

Similar to the Cirrus Vision SF50 personal jet, the LAR 1 is fitted with a Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan made in America. The plane is projected to have a cruising speed of 437 mph and a maximum range of 1,990 miles, and 1,380 miles at maximum payload of 5 pax and baggage. It will be fitted with a Garmin G600 glass flight deck and a whole-aircraft parachute system, found in the Cirrus Vision and SR22 models too.

The aircraft would not be able to boast its accessibility and personalisation if not for its capabilities – it is possible to take off from paved or grass runways as short as 820 ft, with an operating ceiling of 46,000 ft. Projected to sell at $2 million, Flaris is set to attract air-taxi companies and owner-pilots who will not need a hangar for the plane with its detachable wings that size down the craft enough to fit in a garage. At its 27-foot length, the plan can then be transported with a trailer to an airport or landing strip.

Metal-Master looks to acquire full certification for the LAR 1 from the Federal Aviation Administration and its European counterpart, the European Aviation Safety Agency. For starters, the company will first attempt to secure experimental-status certification for the LAR 1 from the Polish Civil Aviation Authority to begin deliveries of up to a dozen examples in Poland.

In addition, the LAR 1 is expected to be introduced in the United States as an experimental aircraft at the Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture Oshkosh show in Wisconsin in July 2019 where Metal-Master is expecting to take orders for the plane.

For more information, visit Flaris.

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Dubbed the “world’s smallest business jet”, the LAR 1 developed by Metal-Master has detachable wings that size down the craft enough to fit in a garage.

Jul 19, 2018 | By Terence Poh

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