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Private jets and planning: How Ron Rivera is managing his cancer diagnosis – The Athletic

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Ron Rivera took the podium for his weekly press conference, and he was dressed noticeably different. As opposed to his usual Washington Football Team gear – a shirt, a hoodie, or jacket – the coach was sporting a white button-down with a burnt orange pullover sweater. It certainly matched the changing of the seasons here in the nation’s capital, but it was out of the ordinary for the coach to be so dressed up.

Then as he was wheeling and dealing answers to reporters during his post mortem of Sunday’s game, the 58-year-old casually mentioned that he was heading off to treatment as soon as he was finished talking to local reporters. Now, it made sense, but then Rivera gave an even more detailed window into what all it takes for him to coach the team and deal with squamous cell carcinoma, the lymph node cancer he announced he was diagnosed with in August.

Last week, the team was at home, so the extent of treating and caring for the cancer was a…

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