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When people think about private jet hire, they would normally assume they would be used for short trips this however is not strictly the case. We have found one of our more popular private jet routes is from London to New York. While you would be correct in thinking that private jets would mainly be used for short-haul flights, this route is certainly our most popular Long-haul routing.

Private jets offer the ultimate flexibility, so it’s hardly surprising that we see so many flights between these two international financial powerhouses. We see a high number of our corporate clients booking these flights,  flying by private jet offers them ultimate level of privacy, comfort and above all speed.  Not only does a private jet fly faster and higher (with a lower cabin altitude which reduces fatigue) than a commercial aircraft, you don’t have to be at the airport 3 hours before departure which further contributes to reduced stress and fatigue, just turn up 20 minutes before departure, grab a coffee and walk onto the aircraft. At airports such as London Luton we will pre-clear your flight with customs & immigration to ensure your transition in New York  is smooth. 

We see people chartering private jet’s to New York for a number of reasons, whether they’re business people utilising the time saving aspect of using a private jet or flying for leisure. When it comes to long-haul private jet flights, the cost can really vary depending on the aircraft you choose and the duration/distance of the flight so we wanted to give you an idea! 

LONDON – New York City | Teterboro airport | Challenger 350 | 8 PASSENGERS | £61,490

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