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Pet Friendly Jet Charter

There are so many ways to travel with pets. Driving, cruise ships, commercial air travel, and if you can afford it,
a private jet just for you and your furry friends. Of course, the cost for private jets are substantially more expensive
than the alternatives. Keep in mind, you are reserving the entire plane just for your flight, on your schedule, and you have your
very own private pilots. This does come at a cost which can run from a few thousand on shorter intrastate trips to tens of thousands

across the country, or even hundreds of

thousands to cross the ocean. Every trip is different depending on the duration of the flight, how many passengers are flying and

the size and number of pets accompanying you. It will certainly be a trip not soon to be forgotten; a special experience for both you and your
best friends.

Sample Prices for Chartering a Private Jet
Routing (One Way) Group Size Suggested Aircraft Prices Start At
New York – Los Angeles Group of 6-10 + pets Supermid or Heavy Jet $35,000USD each way
Miami to NY City Group of 4-6 + pets Light Jet $12,000 – $15,000USD each way
Houston to Costa Rica Group of 4-6 + pets Midsize Jet $26,000- $32,000USD each direction
New York to London Group of 1-14 + pets Heavy Jet $90,000 – $130,000USD each direction
Atlanta, GA to Italy Group of 1-14 + pets Heavy Jet $120,000USD each direction

*Wyvern is a globally recognized seal of aviation safety and only the top 2% of air charter companies in the world belong to this elite group.

We have partnered with Air Charter Advisors, a Wyvern* Broker, to assist with your flight, and they are happy to offer

very competitive rates while still making the safety of you and your pet a top priority. Below are a few example

routes, and, if they fit your budget – fill in a few details to request a

free quote.

Why charter a private jet for you and your pet?

There are many different reasons for chartering a private aircraft to fly with your pet instead of flying on a commercial airline.

Size – In today’s world of shrinking airline seats, it is getting more and more difficult to take your pet in the cabin of the aircraft.
If your best friend is over 15 pounds or more than 12 inches tall, then it will probably have to fly in the cargo hold
(depending on the airline). This section of the cargo is pressurized and temperature controlled,
but you might be concerned about putting your pet in the cargo hold of a commercial airline.

Summer/Winter Embargoes – During the summer when temperature exceeds 84 degrees
F on the runway, many airlines will not accept a pet as checked
baggage or as cargo. During the colder months, airlines
will not transport your pet if the temperatures fall below
45 degrees F.

Number of Pets Traveling with You – Most airlines limit you
to one pet per passenger in the cabin. If you have multiple pets or the pets are traveling unaccompanied, then they will need to travel as checked baggage
or as cargo.

Breed of Pet – Many airlines will not accept snub nose breeds such as Persian cats, Bulldogs, Pugs and Shih-Tzus in the cargo hold as they may develop breathing
problems at high altitudes.

Immigration Requirements – Many countries like the UK will only allow pets to fly commercially as manifest (air)
cargo and not in the cabin.

What can a pet owner do to avoid having to fly their
pet in the hold of the aircraft?

Pet Travel has partnered with Air Charter Advisors to provide you with instant access to over 10,000 private jets and simple,
pay-as-you-go air charter services with no contracts, no hidden charges, and no membership fees.
It’s as simple as fly anywhere – anytime.

Why arrange a jet charter?
Fill out this simple
quotation form for a
free quote. We look forward to providing you and your pet the ultimate experience in flight.
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