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Pelosi spent $500,000 on PRIVATE JETS since 2020 despite calling climate change ‘existential threat’ | Daily Mail Online

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Nancy Pelosi spent nearly $500,000 on private jet travel since 2020 despite its notoriously bad environmental impact and her insistence that the U.S. has a ‘moral’ obligation to address climate change.

Campaign filings with the Federal Election Commission show Pelosi’s campaign paid the Virginia-based Advanced Aviation Team $423,707 between October 2020 and December 2021. Her campaign paid another $65,457 to California-based private jet provider Clay Lacy Aviation in January 2021.

The House Speaker has described climate change as an ‘existential’ threat and has even suggested, to the criticism of others, that the issue is more important than China’s human rights abuses.

‘Climate is an overriding issue, and China is a leading emitter in the world,’ Pelosi said in September.

The Democratic National Committee has also voiced commitment to addressing climate change while spending hundreds of thousands to Advanced Aviation Team in recent years.

Pelosi led a 21-member congressional delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland in November where she said her commitment to addressing climate change comes down to her beliefs as a devout Catholic.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s campaign spent $489,164 on private jets from October 2020-December 2021 despite claiming climate change is an ‘existential’ threat and jet use being notoriously bad for the environment

Pelosi led a 21-member delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland in November where she said her commitment to addressing climate change comes down to her beliefs as a devout Catholic and her obligation to protect ‘God’s creation’

‘For me, it’s a religious thing,’ the California Democrat said just three months after spending $67,604.93 on private air travel.

‘I believe this is God’s creation, and we have a moral obligation to be good stewards,’ she told the crowd at the conference.

Private jets produce a significantly higher amount of emissions per passenger than commercial flights, leading environmentalists to criticize its continued use.

Pelosi is also facing controversy for opposing rules that prevent lawmakers and their families from trading in the stock market after it was revealed her husband, Paul, traded millions just days after her comments.

Biden’s climate czar John Kerry has also come under fire for his use of private air travel after the administration vowed to make climate change a key priority.

She has also been called out of touch after flaunting her freezer full of high-end ice cream during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when families were relying on government relief checks amid lockdowns and layoffs. 

Kerry ironically took a private jet to Iceland in 2019to receive the Arctic Circle award for climate leadership.

He said in an interview at the time that his mode of transportation is ‘the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.’

Fox News calculated in August 2021 that Kerry’s family jet emitted around 30 times more carbon in seven months than the average vehicle does in a full year.

Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign spent more than $15 million on private air travel. 

Pelosi spent $500,000 on PRIVATE JETS since 2020 despite calling climate change ‘existential threat’

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