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Pelosi Shelled Out $500,000 on Private Jets After Claiming Reducing Emissions Was a ‘Religious Thing’

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Nancy Pelosi is both terrible and hypocritical on environmental issues and with many other important subjects as well.

Pelosi is also very wicked in addition to terrible and hypocritical.

To give one specific example Pelosi is obviously guilty as sin by attempting to hide the video recording and other information from the American public about the January 6th, 2021, set up against the American pro-Trump patriots at Washington DC. This shows that she must had her insidious sinister hand of incited that mayhem and basic human rights and Constitutional violations against those patriots.

On the night 2/6/22 Fox News Program entitled “Life Liberty and Levin” there was an interview with Congressman Jim Jordan, and he rightly said that “Not one good thing happened in the Biden administration in the past year.”

Furthermore, spoke about the leftists in high positions and that “They want to use the power of government against their political opponents.

This was most obviously seen, for all who are willing to see, in that despicable and tragic left- wing set up on January 6th, 2021, in Washington DC.

During the interview it was again, stated that President Trump offered to send in Washington DC may National Guard troops for crowd control, but Nancy Pelosi totally refused to allow them to come.

Could it be that Pelosi actually wanted violence and mayhem associated to the pro- Trump patriots ? For she could easily have had inside information that a bus of Marxist Antifa hooligans were taken to the event to masquerade as President Trump supporters to incite violence and chaos.

That’s despicable low ploy of a tactic which is called a “face flag operation.”

Surely Pelosi must have known that the FBI had schemed to engage in entrapment of as many American patriots as they can get ways with. The reason this is so because the FBI has been thoroughly infiltrated by leftists as socialists and oddly enough a number of Marxists. Therefore, it’s no longer the good and grand institution that it had been in the past.

During this Interview with Congressman Jordan Mark Levin did appropriately bring up the speak of this set up because those politically correct leftist appointed Capital police did wave the patriots in that Federal building and that Levin also truthfully stated that” the only person was killed in that Federal building was a not-violent patriot” Meaning that Ashi Babbitt who was unarmed yet deliberately shot dead, ,murdered of a Capital “police” officer Michal Byrd who even before that day had a history disciplinary problems. That vicious fiend Byrd after he murdered Babbitt ran away, as guilty as sin. That so called “officer” is a murderer and a coward.

By the way use that word “police” very loosely when referring to those leftist appointed Capital “police.”
Most of them would never qualify to the strict requirements for real police officers, both State and local. Many of those Capital “police” officers are a disgrace and dishonor to all genuine police officers throughout the United States.

To top all this evil Joe Biden even had the lying gall to say to the concerned patriots of January 6th, 2021, that they are a very “serious threat to democracy” What an awful hypocrite Biden is for saying that lie.
Even more so since the malice-filled vicious violent destructive and even murderous Marxists of Antifa and BLM have destroyed by arson and vandalism much public and private propriety. Biden say nothing about

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