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More Than Just Luxury: Why Private Jets are a Smart Business Decision

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More Than Just Luxury: Why Private Jets are a Smart Business Decision

For many, flying on a private jet may seem like a luxury reserved for the so-called ‘elite’ or those with celebrity status. We’ll admit – flying in a private jet can feel quite luxurious at times. But there are many practical commercial benefits to investing in a corporate plane. If you’re toying with the idea of using a private aircraft for you or your business, there are a number of considerations you should factor in before deciding if it’s the right path for you.

Not everyone lives in a major city close to a commercial airport. For those who live in remote areas, closer to a smaller general aviation airport, flying privately may be the most convenient option available. Flying from a smaller airport also means avoiding traffic and long journeys leading up to your flight, and minimising queues and congestion once you are at the airport.

Less chaos

Even if you do decide to depart from a larger commercial airport, having your own plane allows you to avoid a large proportion of the chaos usually associated with checking in. When flying privately, you depart from a Fixed Base of Operation (or ‘FBO’). You can park your car at a private parking lot which are usually free and secure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From here, you can take the airport shuttle directly to your plane, avoiding airport queues and the associated headaches.

Secure luggage

There is nothing worse than flying halfway across the globe only to be told when you arrive that you have no luggage. It’s inconvenient at the best of time,s but especially if you’re travelling for business purposes. When flying privately, your luggage is secure and cared for, and high unlikely to be misplaced during transit. Flying privately means you are in control of your belongings for the maximum time possible, and you will never have to worry about lost luggage ever again.

Avoiding security lines

Is there anything more tedious than a congested security line at the airport? Security is a high priority, whether you fly privately or publicly. But when you take your own plane, security clearance generally involves showing identification and submitted your bags, which takes only a few minutes. There’s no X-ray machine, no need to remove parts of your clothing and accessories and no suspicious looks from staff or other passengers. Clearing security is fast, convenient and relaxing – the opposite of most commercial security experiences.

The plane waits for you

Are you one of those passengers that is always in a rush? Or do you spend the taxi ride to the airport in a panic that you will miss your flight due to traffic? One of the biggest perks to flying privately is the fact that if you’re late, the plane will wait. They’re not going anywhere without you, so if you’re running late, the pilot will will be waiting patiently for your arrival when you get there.

No connecting flights

Traveling long distances commercially means connecting flights and inconvenient stay overs. You might find yourself running across the airport to make it to the next flight in time, pulling along luggage and trying not to misplace boarding passes along the way. When you choose a private jet, stressful connections are a thing of the past. If your plane needs to stop to refuel for a long journey, there’s no need to be rushing anywhere to catch your next flight. You can get some fresh air while the plane is refueled, or stay asleep the whole time if you’d rather. Yet another way that private planes take the stress out of flying.

You’re in control

When you fly commercially, you have to conform to someone else’s schedule. There are times when the food trolley will be headed your way and you aren’t remotely hungry. Alternatively, you wait for what feels like hours to get a meal, only to be confronted with tasteless plane food. With private flights, you can eat and drink whenever you like. You are in complete control of when the food and drinks are served, so if you’d like a cold beer before you even take off – it won’t be a problem on a private jet.

If you’re flying privately, that’s exactly what you’ll get; privacy. The only people on board are the crew and anyone you’ve invited. This allows you to be much more productive if you’re aiming to get work done on board, as you have the ability to work at any time and when it suits you. When flying with colleagues, it’s easy to hold a meeting or two in the air, without worrying about fellow passengers eavesdropping on confidential information.

Increased productivity

With no noise or interruptions from other passengers to distract you, you’ll be amazed how much work you can get done. Many private planes feature personal power points, phone on-board to make calls and Wi-Fi so you can check emails and organise meetings for your arrival.

Convinced yet?

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, flying privately has a long list of benefits for any traveller, but particularly for busy professionals. With so much convenience available from a private flight, you might find the benefits are worth the extra cost. If you’ve ever considered flying on a private jet, now is the perfect opportunity to and discover how well it can work for you and your business.

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