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Light Jet private jets ranked by range, full and with four passengers

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The five light jets with the longest range are no longer in production, which underscores that today’s light jets and very light jets have a changed mission

Data from aviation consultancy Conklin & de Decker shows the five private jets in the light category with the longest range – Bombardier’s Learjet 36A/35A, Sierra Industries’ FJ44 Super SII S550/550, and the Nextant Aerospace 400XT haven’t been in production for over a decade. Still, you will find the Lears and 400XTs offered in some jet card programs providing a nonstop range that is longer than you might expect. The Lear 36A, for example, can fly 2,425 nautical miles will all four passenger seats filled.

Before we compare the rest of the field, keep in mind that there isn’t an official segmentation for very light jets, although many classify the type as having under 10,000 pounds maximum takeoff weight. The industry’s light jet definition includes all business jets up to 20,000 pounds maximum takeoff weight, which is how we have sorted the data for you, particularly since when shopping for jet cards, programs are not divided to separate VLJs.

One thing you will notice when it comes to evaluating jet card programs is that many offerings are divided by category – so for example, large, super mid, midsize and then light jets. Within each category for some card programs, including light jets, you will find a delineation of aircraft delivered before or after a specific year meaning you get a slightly better price for an older jet. As you review which aircraft types each program puts into each category, the below will be helpful in making sure the aircraft being offered have the nonstop range that you need. Remember that with most programs you are charged 12 minutes taxi time per segment, so a fuel stop may add not only additional time but an extra 12 minutes of taxi time to your invoice.

While some card programs allow you to upgrade category size based on need, it also comes with a higher rate, so if you go into a program thinking you will be mainly flying light jets and it turns out you need more range and instead pay for midsize aircraft, you will end up spending more than you probably anticipated. It’s one reason even though everyone Googles jet card price and jet card costs, figuring out what you will end up spending and make that final price comparison can really only be done after you take the time to research the options. It’s a reason I always jet card buyers to map out as much of their planned trips as possible, and something we help subscribers with via our Jet Card Decider VIP assistance.

On the flip side, there are a number of jet card providers that offer both guaranteed availability and fixed one-way rates – meaning no ferry fees – for specific aircraft types they sell in the light jet category (more on that in a moment). Nicholas Air, for example, enables you to choose any aircraft in its fleet which on the light jet side includes the Embraer Phenom 100 and 300, plus the Citation CJ3. OneFlight International, a broker program, offers a variety of light jet options, while Executive AirShare (Phenom 100 and 300), Flexjet (Phenom 300), JetSuite (Phenom 100 and 300 – fixed rate but not guaranteed availability), Magellan Jets (Hawker 400XP), NetJets (Citation Excel/XLS), ProspAir (Learjet 45), Silverhawk Aviation (Citation Excel, II and Ultra), TeeBee Jets (Beechjet 400E) and Wheels Up (Citation Excel/XLS) each have programs focused around specific types of light jets.

When it comes to these jet specific options, the Phenom 300 is the standout in terms of being able to fly you the furthest without a fuel stop. But here’s the rub – when you take a look at the table below you won’t find the Citation XLS, XLS+, Learjet 40, 45, 55C and 40XR, each of which has a maximum takeoff weight of just over 20,000 pounds and so while many programs offer them as light jets – they are in fact at the entry point of midsize cabin if you want to go by the book.

For a direct comparison, in terms of range with a full load of passengers, the Phenom 300/300E shows it can fly you 1,811 nautical miles while a Lear 45XR maxes out at 1,685 nautical miles, the 40XR is 1,778 nautical miles and the Citation XLS/XLS+ is 1,539 nautical miles. NetJets says its 25-hour Marquis Jet combo card that enables you to split hours between any two aircraft is popular because the Excel/XLS can fly nonstop eastbound from Colorado ski resorts but would need a fuel stop flying westbound with typical headwinds. Members split their westbound flying into Citation Sovereign, executives say.

Which light jets have the longest range? Compare over 50 light and very light jets by how far they can fly nonstop:

Aircraft Name Seats Range – Seats Full (nm.) Max. Range 4 PAX (nm.)
Bombardier Learjet 36A 4 2,425 2,550
Bombardier Learjet 35A 6 1,930 2,125
Sierra Industries FJ44 Super SII S550 7 1,893 2,455
Nextant Aerospace 400XT 7 1,852 2,108
Sierra Industries FJ44 Super II 550 7 1,815 2,221
Embraer Phenom 300 7 1,811 2,077
Embraer Phenom 300E 7 1,811 2,077
SyberJet SJ30 5 1,748 2,312
Cessna Citation CJ4 7 1,667 1,991
Sierra Industries FJ44 Eagle II 501SP 5 1,650 1,800
Nextant Aerospace 400XTi 7 1,527 1,945
Pilatus PC-24 6 1,525 1,950
Dassault Falcon 10 6 1,520 1,620
Dassault Falcon 100 6 1,520 1,620
Cessna Citation Encore+ 7 1,494 1,792
Bombardier Learjet 31ER 6 1,480 1,600
Bombardier Learjet 31A/ER 6 1,480 1,600
Cessna Citation S/II 7 1,430 1,840
Cessna Citation Encore 7 1,410 1,736
Cessna Citation CJ3 6 1,374 1,891
Cessna Citation CJ3+ 6 1,374 1,891
Beechcraft Hawker 400XPR 8 1,313 1,993
Cessna Citation Bravo 7 1,290 1,720
Cessna Citation Ultra 7 1,259 1,651
Sierra Industries FJ44 Stallion 501SP 5 1,230 1,400
Cessna Citation V 7 1,220 1,644
Cessna Citation II/IISP 7 1,220 1,520
Bombardier Learjet 31 6 1,211 1,337
Bombardier Learjet 31A 6 1,211 1,337
Cessna Citation CJ2+ 6 1,194 1,626
Beechcraft Beechjet 400A 7 1,180 1,519
Beechcraft Hawker 400XP 8 1,180 1,519
Embraer Phenom 100EV 5 1,178 1,210
Beechcraft Diamond 1A 7 1,140 1,200
Beechcraft Beechjet 400 7 1,140 1,580
Cessna Citation CJ2 6 1,075 1,530
Sabreliner Sabre 40A 6 1,000 1,160
Embraer Phenom 100E 5 917 1,233
Embraer Phenom 100 5 915 1,242
Cessna Citation I/ISP 5 910 1,020
Bombardier Learjet 25D 6 895 1,200
Cessna Citation CJ1+ 5 895 1,245
Beechcraft Premier I 6 850 1,340
Beechcraft Premier IA 6 850 1,340
Bombardier Learjet 24D 5 850 1,100
Bombardier Learjet 24E 5 850 1,100
Cirrus Vision SF50 4 796 1,176
Honda Aircraft HA-420 HondaJet 5 792 1,188
Cessna Citation CJ1 5 775 1,161
Cessna Citation Jet 5 750 1,130
Cessna Citation 500 5 730 900
Cessna Citation Mustang 4 718 800
Cessna Citation M2 6 694 1,380
One Aviation Eclipse 500 3 574 964
One Aviation Eclipse 550 3 574 964
One Aviation Total Eclipse 500 3 574 964

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