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Inside Jackie Chan’s $20 Million Private Jet, The ‘Embraer Legacy 500’

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Jackie Chan’s innovative stunts and jaw-droppingly fierce fighting style have blended with his acting and directing skills to form the perfect blend of skills that fans are absolutely addicted to watching. His fan base is massive, and his style is uniquely his own. There’s no mistaking the impact that Jackie Chan’s trademark skills have left on the entertainment industry, and he has amassed an astronomical $520 million net worth. Having more money than he will ever spend in his lifetime has afforded Jackie Chan with the ability to and he has proven to have acquired an affinity for very, He happens to own ever made, and was willing to fork over $20 million to get it.

Jackie Chan is known to perform his own stunts and is one of the most famous martial artists in Hollywood. He has taken his career to new heights by pairing his undeniable talents with his endearing personality and has acquired a reputation as one of the finest entertainers the world has ever seen. Of course, skills like this come at a premium price, and Chan is able to demand huge paychecks for each film he takes on.

He is the brand ambassador for a Brazilian airplane manufacturer called Embraer and purchased his first luxury jet, an Embraer Legacy 650, in 2012. Since then, he has upgraded to the $20 million Embraer Legacy 500, and this aircraft is a sight to behold.

The Embraer 500 comes with a staggering $500 million price tag and boasts one of the Equipped with only the finest features, this jet plane can hold a maximum of 12 passengers, with most opting to cap their passenger count to 8 individuals, for optimal comfort.

There are eight massive seats with full heating and massage capabilities, and these luxuriously comfortable, oversized plane seats happen to convert into four huge beds to make this seamless flight as relaxing as possible.

Of course, being a Hollywood star himself, Jackie Chan’s private plane also boasts a top-of-the-line entertainment system, so he can enjoy watching mid-air movies in style.

The luxurious features contained within this jet plane are merely comfortable options for the passengers to enjoy, but for those with a keen eye on the technical aspects of this plane, it won’t disappoint.

In comparison, this jet is considered to be a that goes head to head against impressive aircrafts such as the Cessna Citation Sovereign, the Bombardier Challenger 300, and the Gulfstream G280.

Passengers will also enjoy an optimized in-cabin experience. “The Legacy 500 is pressurized to an altitude of 6,000 feet. In comparison, commercial airliners are usually pressurized to an altitude of 8,000 feet.” Jackie Chan is able to adjust any of his jet’s settings by using an individual touch screen or, if he’d prefer, an iPhone or iPad controller, which is built into the armrest of the seat and is easily hidden within that compartment. The jet has full wi-fi capabilities.This incredible jetliner also boasts two 19-inch high-definition displays and up to nine personal displays at each seating position. For his jet, Chan went with a relaxed light-colored wood decor with impressive stone veneer in the galley.The enhanced comfort and luxury features within the cabin aren’t just restricted to Jackie Chan and his passengers, either. The pilot and co-pilot are able to enjoy a full-glass cockpit with optimized displays and gauges. “Instead of the traditional control yokes, the new cockpit design features side sticks,” for ease of use for the pilot.

Of course, when spending upwards of $20 million on a private plane, it’s expected thatJackie Chan was able to call the shots when it came to the plane’s overall design and was able to have the interior and color aspects of the plane designed to his liking. The personalization elements of this aircraft offer Chan the ability to surround himself with sheer opulence during all of his travels.

Jackie Chan favors his $20 million Embraer 500 when going on shorter trips and opts to use his larger Embraer 650 when embarking on trans-oceanic flights.

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