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How To Market Private Jet Charter Business In A Post COVID 19 Pandemic Era

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Radu Balas shows people how to put their businesses in front of their clients, increase sales, drive more traffic, and build a brand. Drawing on his years of experience in the aviation industry, Radu provides priceless insights and a clear path to follow.

The recent pandemic has affected the travel industry severely.  Especially the airlines and private jet charter businesses took a massive hit with international travel bans and lockdowns. However, as the COVID-19 situation subsides in some countries, they are again opening their international borders for flights. The private jet charter businesses must get back on track with their marketing strategies.

However, with the pandemic still looming, these private jet charter businesses need to make a few changes in their marketing strategies and add more digital channels to their marketing mix.

With more than 40% of private jet charter booking taking place from a tablet or a smartphone, you should pay more attention to digital channels than the offline ones. In this unprecedented COVID-19 situation, there’s a chance that the number of online inquiries and leads will increase with more people avoiding human contacts. Therefore, it is wise to boost your online marketing efforts now and utilize this time.

So how do you use online marketing for your jet charter business in a post-coronavirus era? Here are a few tips:

Choose The Right Channels.

Half of the success of your marketing efforts lies in finding where your customers are.  Once you find the right channel, all you have to do is reach out to your audience with the right message. A large section of private jet charter customers is business owners. Therefore, using social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are perfect for engaging them. Email marketing and paid advertising too can do wonders for the business.

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Find The Right Message

Content is the king and a powerful tool in audience engagement. In this pandemic scenario, you need to create content regarding how your jets are safe to use. Making a video about the sanitization process or the precautions you have taken for passenger safety can earn brownie points. With many customers opting to rent a private jet for business travel or helping their elderly parents return home, safety is their utmost concern. Creating social media posts and email campaigns in the same line will help you stand out in the crowd.

While most of your competitors are still relying on stay safe messages that end with we are still operating, conveying how you are making passenger safety is your priority will give you an edge over your competition.

Add The Right Promotion To The Mix

Using advertising to promote your brand is an integral part of marketing your business online. You can use social media ads, pay-per-click ads, and banner ads to get your audience and prospects’ attention.  Using promotional messages like a discount for elderly customers or a discount on your next trip can surely get you many inquiries.

Once you have inquiries, it is essential to promptly respond to them as people looking to rent a private jet value time and make their decisions quickly, especially in a pandemic scenario.

These are some of the key ways to market your private jet charter services in a pandemic and post-pandemic situation.

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