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A Comprehensive Guide to Jet Management Services

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What are jet management services?

Being a private jet owner isn’t an easy task. Not only are jet expensive to purchase, but they also need constant upkeep and management to make sure that it is safe to fly in. The management of an aircraft is a full-time job and one which many businesses and private jet owners can’t fully contribute.

Jet management services take responsibility for the upkeep, servicing, and other operational activities involved in maintaining an aircraft.

What do Jet Management Services do?

Jet management services are involved in the fulfillment of the following tasks:

  • Maintenance of the aircraft.
  • Scheduling flights.
  • Hiring, training, and staffing pilots and additional crew members.
  • Conducting jet engine servicing, and checking the safety management systems.
  • They also provide their clients with discounts on fleet insurance and other benefits to reduce the operational costs of your private jet.

Types of jet management

Private jet management services are categorized as:

  • Charter Aircraft Management- Not all jet owners use their aircraft regularly. Charter aircraft management services offer private jet owners the option to charter their planes to other individuals and companies, while the client takes the responsibility of fulfilling other operational functions. This management service is beneficial to those jet owners who wish to reduce their operational costs as it utilizes their plane when it is unused to generate revenue.
  • Turnkey Aircraft Management- A business or individual can avail of the services of turnkey aircraft management services if they wish to transfer all of the operational responsibilities attached with an aircraft to the management service. Turnkey aircraft management services take charge of all day-to-day activities such as repairs, scheduling pilots and crew members for flights, training, hiring and paying the crew personnel, and checking that the aircraft complies with the FAA’s guidelines. These services also give their clients to charter their planes during off-times.

What are the benefits of Jet Management Services?

Every year, private jet owners spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on aircraft operational costs. Not only this but the management and upkeep of an aircraft require a lot of time and effort on part of the owner. Therefore, availing of jet management services are beneficial because:

  • They allow you to charter your plane to other businesses and individuals when the jet is unused.
  • They offer discounts on aircraft maintenance plans and fleet insurance.
  • They are in charge of hiring, training, staffing, paying, and scheduling crew members and pilots.
  • These services take charge of providing other operational and repairing facilities for the jet.

If you or your business is in talks of purchasing a private jet, then you must look into appropriate jet management services for a good ownership experience.

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