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Get to Know the 7 Types of Private Jets

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One of the first decisions any jet buyer needs to make is what class jet they want to own. That means narrowing it down from seven major categories before choosing between like-kind models. Here’s a quick synopsis on each jet class and what to expect from models within it.

Very Light Jets

With up to three hours of flight time, Very Light Jets (VLJs) are great for a quick puddle jump. Popular offerings like the Eclipse 500 and the Embraer Phenom 100 seat between 4 and 7 people. They can cover 1300 miles in a jump, which would get you from Chicago to New York in a few hours. The real strength of a VLJ is its ability to get to remote destinations. Because they don’t require a long runway, VLJs can get into an out of areas that are off-limits to larger jets.

Small Light Jets

Business travelers love Small Light Jets (SLJs) for a variety of reasons: it can hold up to eight people, make longer trips than VLJs, and has little issue navigating smaller private airstrips. That makes SLJs ideal for business travelers hoping to reach various locations that may not be near a larger city. What’s more, popular SLJs like the Cessna Citation CJ2 and the Hawker 400 XP are outfitted with private lavatories, a feature few VLJs can offer.

Super Light Jets

The super light jet is a sector that’s always prime for innovation. When discussing super lights, there’s always a boundary-pushing exception to every rule. Super light jets tend to seat an average of eight people, but Embraer’s Phenom 300 seats 11 in lavish comfort. Most super light jets get 1,600 nautical miles to a tank; however, the Gulfstream G100 boasts a range of more than 2,500 nautical miles.

Mid-Size Cabin Jets

For those travelers who require a way to cross the ocean in a single jump, the first class to begin your search is mid-sized cabin jets. The average range of these jets is about 2,700 nautical miles or a quick hop from Los Angeles to Honolulu or Chicago to Caracas. Mid-size cabin jets can seat about seven passengers comfortably. Market standouts like the Gulfstream G150 and the Learjet 60 also offer spectacular amenities like full galleys, complete entertainment systems, and cabins that allow you to stand upright.

Super Mid-size Cabin Jets

Bring along more friends (or coworkers) without sacrificing luxury in a super mid-size cabin jet, which seats 10 people comfortably. They also squeeze in an impressive number of amenities like refreshment centers, customized cabin layouts, fully enclosed lavatories, and more. These planes are globe-trotters, too. The Gulfstream G200 and the Bombardier Challenger 350 can travel 3,000 nautical miles without any issues.

Heavy Jets

Want to get from London to Calcutta in a single flight with a dozen of your closest friends? Look to the heavy jet, which averages 3,500 nautical miles. To improve the travel experience, heavy jets like the Gulfstream 350 and the Dassault Falcon 900 include the capacity for two flight attendants, plus the space for complete dining and entertainment experiences.

Ultra-Long-Range Heavy Jets

Go anywhere with an ultra-long-range heavy jet. An average of 14 to 17 people can enjoy themselves on a trip that can extend more than 5,800 nautical miles without stopping for gas. Multiple lounge spaces, full bedrooms, and complete refreshment centers are the baselines for amenities from sector favorites like the Gulfstream V and the Dassault Falcon 7X.

There is so much more to learn about private jets. You just need to find the perfect team to help you educate yourself as you explore your options.

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