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From Luxury Cars To Business Jets, Small-Town Tycoons Aiming Big

There is good news for travelers around the United States of America after the partnership of JetBlue and American Airlines.

The companies have joined hands and are looking forward to expanding the routes of their flights. Earlier, their routes were New York and Boston.

About their expansion, JetBlue has revealed seven new routes with their flight timings and has a plan to introduce more routes in the coming future.

Schedule for Seven New Routes

From 31st October 2021, flights will provide daily services from San Antonio to New York and Boston.

The flights giving the service will be Airbus A320 and Airbus A220. One of the new services that JetBlue will provide to its travelers will be Airbus A220-300 flights and will provide service to Kansas City and Milwaukee regularly.

One of the great news to the travelers is that the conventional services like free WiFi and immense snacks with soft drinks will be provided as usual with set-back entertainment services on-board.

Expansion of Terminals

JetBlue has announced the expansion of Terminals, such as Marine Air Terminal to Terminal B.

Split-terminals are also on board, and more flights from JetBlue will come shortly. The terminal project was completed recently, and the customer service has reached the next level.

LaGuardia‘s expansion is on the list of JetBlue as well. New flights will be on board from LaGuardia this winter, as announced by JetBlue.

From 31st October, five new routes will be functional, and JetBlue will start flying from LaGuardia. Around the end of the year, 2021, JetBlue will introduce 35 daily flights from LaGuardia. With a plan of introducing 50 flights daily by 2022.

Premium Products to Travellers

The flights on route Los Angeles and New York, Orange County, New York, San Diego, and Boston will enjoy premium products from either JetBlue Mint products or American Airbus A321T.

As both companies do not run flights from any of the routes introduced, the travelers will be able to book flights from either of the two companies’ websites.

“With demand for travel returning, JetBlue’s new low-fare flying – along with the broader growth made possible with American through the benefits of the NEA … or expanding benefits for corporate customers as they return to the skies, the NEA is going to make it as easy as possible for travelers in the Northeast to come back to flying.” stated by Dave Fintzen, Vice President, Northeast Alliance at JetBlue.

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