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Democrats Lecture Americans About Environment While Flying on Private Jets

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What is the left’s biggest priority right now? Is it helping transgender people pursue a path of self-denial that ends in suicide? Are they most intent on destroying the economy so that millions can die of starvation? Or, above all else, are they pushing the climate change agenda?

If you watch the Democrat’s presidential debates (you have a stronger stomach than most if you do), then you might think that climate change is the number one issue. They tie everything back to it, and it seems to have become the central thesis of the Democratic Party’s platform.

If you recall AOC’s groundbreaking Green New Deal, she outlined the perfect solution to combating climate change. If we follow it to the letter, everything will be fine and the world won’t end in 12 years. It’s why we have to rebuild every structure in America to make it more efficient. We need to kill every gas and coal power plant in the country and just use solar.

Perhaps most importantly, AOC says it’s why we need universal child care. No, wait. We need to replace airplanes with high-speed rail systems that don’t exist. That’s it.

Sarcasm aside, the left talks about combatting emissions all the time. They say climate change is the very most important thing of all, and that’s why we need to seize billionaire’s assets. We have to use that money to save the world!

Even while leftists tell us that they care more about climate change than anything else, they don’t walk the walk. They buy beachfront property that is supposed to be underwater soon (Obama). They own multiple homes while ignoring the massive carbon footprint of building a second house, much less a third (Sanders). They also frequently utilize green-house-gas-heavy air travel instead of riding on trains (Warren, Buttigieg, Sanders, Biden). AOC herself flies from NY to D.C. when a train could get here there with half the carbon footprint.

Worst of all are the presidential candidates. Bernie and Warren say that we have to fight climate change above everything. Then, they schedule charter jet flights. That’s literally the most carbon inefficient way to travel. They could take commercial flights and keep basically the same schedule for a fraction of the carbon footprint. They could also charter prop plane flights that still get you across the country in a matter of hours but produce less than half as much CO2.

The point of all of this is to say two things. First, the left is completely hypocritical. You already knew that, but we can never stop pointing it out. Young people are impressionable, and a few of them see the light every day. Identifying hypocrisy is important.

What’s even more important is to point out that these leftists don’t actually believe that climate change is a threat. It’s just an excuse to push socialism. If they actually did believe that they were destroying humanity by flying in jets and did it anyway, then they need to be assassinated. That’s a level of sociopathy that would make even Mao and Stalin blanch.

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