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European Christmas markets are world-famous, and rightly so. We’re starting to feel festive, so took a look at some of our favourite destinations and the stunning markets they have to offer. 

Imagine being able to fly all the way to Vienna, experience the beauty of their Christmas markets and festive atmosphere over the course of an afternoon and evening, then flying home again – all without the need for an overnight stay. Private jet charter makes this a possibility if your time is valuable to you. Flying privately allows significantly more flexibility when it comes to planning your trip – removing the two hour long wait at security for a commercial flight can make the world of difference, let alone being able to choose exactly when you fly rather than being at the mercy of an airline. 

Travelling to the Christmas markets by private jet adds an incomparable level of luxury to your trip, no matter which city you decide to visit.

Set in the beautiful 12th century Old Square, the Prague markets attract tourists from all over the globe. The intricate lights, classic wooden stalls and carol singers create an idyllic  Winter Wonderland atmosphere, where you can enjoy traditional beers and mulled wine – as well as the Czech specialities on offer. Trdelník (flame-baked cinnamon cake) sounds far too good to miss. 

By private jet, you can fly from London to Prague in under two hours, and the airport sits a mere 20 minute drive from the city centre. Markets run from December 2nd until January 6th, including Christmas eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day for a magical experience. 

An icon in itself; more than 125 parisian squares and streets are lit up to welcome every single vistor to the French capital over the Christmas period. Indulge in the traditional french wines and cheeses at the foot of the Eiffel Tower whilst browsing the unique Christmas crafts on offer from local vendors. 

A chartered aircraft gets you from London to Paris-Le Bourget (an airport exclusive to private jets, and closer to the city centre than the international airport)  in half the time taken with Eurostar, giving you longer to explore the city and enjoy the festive atmosphere. 

You can fly to Vienna in as little as two hours from London, which allows you time to see as much of the city as you possibly can, and soak up every last moment of the experience. 

You may know of Croatia as a summer holiday destination , but did you know it was voted the best European Christmas market in 2015? The main square is the central attraction, where the large Advent wreath encirlces  the Manduševac Fountain. Traditional wooden cabins can be found a five minute walk away at Zrinjevac, with a more initmate, fairy tale atmosphere serving the Croatian specialities and classic mulled wines. 

A private jet will take you from London to six miles from Zagreb city centre in around two and a half hours. Markets run from December 2nd until January 7th, but Zagreb is best enjoyed before Christmas eve when advent is still being celebrated. 

Another one? Germany’s second largest city has been famous for its food markets for years, and the Christmas markets in Hamburg are no exception. Gluehwein  (traditional german mulled wine) originated in Hamburg for the Christmas markets; the air is filled with the scent of sweet almonds and gingerbread; and local craftspeople exhibit stunning handmade gifts from the beautifully decorated traditional wooden chalets. 

For a sensational festive trip, experience the Frankfurt and Hamburg Christmas markets in one trip! Private jet charter offers the possibility for a seamless multi-leg trip in one aircraft, so you can stop off in both cities and enjoy what each has to offer. 

Last but by no means least, this gorgeous Belgian market is full of character. The cosy vibe creates an unrivalled, vibrant atmosphere that Bruges Christmas market is famous for. Walk down the cobbled streets and enjoy the mouth watering scent of fresh belgian waffles, or take a horse-drawn carriage ride down for a tour of the snowy city to experience a pure seasonal cheer that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Travelling to Bruges from London involves a 2 hour Eurostar trip (commercial flights are not available to Bruges), or you can arrive by private jet in less than 45 minutes and spend more time enjoying what Belgium has to offer. 

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