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Burna Boy Flies Everywhere in Private Jets Even in Rome [Photos] – The most visited Nigeria News Network

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Burna Boy Flies Everywhere in Private Jets Even in Rome [Photos]

Nigerian musician Burna Boy is among a hand full of super musicians in Nigeria that fly around in private jets. Whenever he has any show within Nigeria, he moves in PJ. He has taken the same culture outside the shores of the country.

Anywhere in the world, the Grammy nominee has a show, you will surely spot him flying in a private jet. There is no record anywhere that the 28-year-old musician has gotten his private jet yet, but he flies around in one more often than most people who have it.

In the most recent pictures Burna Boy shared on Instagram, the star was spotted chilling in a private jet in the ancient city of Rome, Italy. His name was customised on the napkin placed on the edge of the chair next to where he was seated on the jet.

Other slides of the pictures the musician shared showed when he was taking a selfie with a man on the jet. Another showed when he was backstage preparing for a show. The last slides showed the star having fun on stage while doing what he loves to do best. “Thanks for having me Roma”, he captioned the pictures.

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Come to think of it, do you know that one of the most expensive things to do outside Nigeria is to fly in a private jet? Yes, a check on how much it cost to fly around in Europe in a private jet shows that it is mostly a thing for the super-rich.

For instance, A one hour trip in London cost about 4, 140 Euros. In Paris, 3 hours flight cost about 63 000 euros. While in Rome, 57 minutes flight in a private jet cost about $858.

Also in America, a light private jet, like a Lear Jet 45 with no flight attendants or headroom, run about $5,500 an hour. So a three-hour flight from New York to Miami, for example, will run nearly $17,000 one way. That’s 30 times the price of a round-trip first-class ticket.

So, Burna Boy is really a king if he is the one spending such an amount of money to move around in a private jet outside Nigeria. But it is possible that those who invite him for shows outside the country cater for that.

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