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Will The B737 Max Revive In Sky…?

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What is the most controversial aircraft in this decade…? indeed it’s Boeing’s B737 MAX. As you may know now, Aircraft is under the recertification process and is in the final stage. Most of the airlines and operators are bringing this bird into operations now. let’s recap the scenario behind this bird and discuss on what are Boeing’s plans on reviving their bird in the sky.

Brief on B737 MAX

B737 MAX is Boeing’s 4th Generation of the early 737 series. It has been upgraded with a new engine type LEAP 1B with a high bypass ratio including carbon fiber blades. Dimensional changes on fuselage and wing area improving smooth airflow and efficiency, the introduction of instruments MDS & MCA are the major changes compared to the older versions.

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Tragedy on B737 MAX

The tragedy on B737 starts with the two major accidents in late 2018 and early 2019 causing over 300 people dead. The affected aircraft were almost in perfect condition at that time and the blame went to Boeing as it was the manufacturer defect that cause this destruction.

Right after the accidents, the 737 Max birds around the world were grounded immediately and regulatory was on a hunt for the root cause for this giant failure. The results were put on the show immediately in early 2020 and it was stated that the cause for the accidents was malfunctioning of the newly introduced MCAS and AOA sensors.

Some other failures were reported from time to time-related to flight controls and the Boeing was accused by the authority on this issue.


Immediate fixes were given by FAA and it was included to rectify the MCAS, flight control sensors, and warning alert identification and training on MCAS for the flight crew.

Boeing was able to rectify these changes with other errors raised and had come up with a recertification process for the existing aircraft all over the world in mid-2020.

There onwards recertification process was carried smoothly and after 20 months of the Ethiopian accident the regulatory authority, FAA announced B737 Max was cleared to return to the service. This was done along with issuing applicable AD to conform for existing aircraft and experimental flights were conducted all over the world to demonstrate the compliance on this course.

B737 Max


Currently, Boeing was able to clear out the crisis of their business market along with resolving the issues of devastation by agreeing to pay a nearly $244 million fine and to set up $500 million funds for affected families and $1.77 billion to airlines affected.

Even though they are on track, China is still on a fence about returning their B737 aircraft into their fleet. But it will be soon resolved after the ongoing recertification process in China.

As per recent info, Boeing was able to hand over 14 B737 MAX birds in recent august, and out of 53 orders raised in that month, 35 of them are B737 MAX. When comparing to the return of service date on 2020, there were 169 B737 MAX aircraft delivered till now.

Many aviation specialists are predicting that the B737 MAX will soon be competing with the Airbus market within two years ahead. Many emerging future airlines like Akasa air in India are planning to order B737 Max and South West which runs only B737 aircraft have ordered more B737 on their fleet.

Not only those, United airlines have ordered 200 but Ryanair, Aeromexico, Brazil’s GOL, and Singapore are also among the B737 MAX ordered list recently.

As per recent month development of B737 max sales, it can be stated that the B737 MAX will again fly over the sky with a more confident airworthy state than before and will be competing with the Airbus aviation market soon.

Boeing 737-990 aircraft

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Radu Balas shows people how to put their businesses in front of their clients, increase sales, drive more traffic, and build a brand. Drawing on his years of experience in the aviation industry, Radu provides priceless insights and a clear path to follow.

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