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We have been offering this service to our current clients for some time now, but mostly by request, which got us thinking. We feel that we have now perfected, trimmed the squidgy bits and are ready to roll out a lean, efficient and refined service, tried and tested.  

We have surveyed the market and cant find anything thats nearly as comprehensive as what we are now offering. We set out as a business to put a stop to charter companies exploiting a widely little known industry, and this is just one of the many steps we are taking to continue with that mission. 

Our aim is to be the perfect partner to anyone operating in the travel or luxury service industry. Over the last few months we have been successful in positioning ourselves as the “Travel management companies perfect partner” it’s a simple concept, we understand their business, build trust and consistently provide them with the best possible quotations. This enables them to confidently offer these quotations to their clients without the fear of embarrassment, allowing them to build trust with their clients….. and the circle goes on. 

We will now be offering the most comprehensive, white label private jet charter service! But what does this really mean? Below is a breakdown of what this really includes: 

Dedicated Account Manager – Surprisingly this isn’t something that other companies are consistent in offering for one reason or another | available 24/7 

Beautiful un-branded quotations – These have been designed so you can simply forward the quotation we have sent onto your client. 

We also offer a branded option here. We have an arrangement with a number or our clients whereby we design them custom quotation fully furnished with their branding. 

Flexible Commission – You need to make money too, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to spend valuable time working private jet requests. We know every client is different, so you have the option to specify what commission you would like to make on any particular flight. That said, we will help advise you on the best rate based on any given trip to make sure your offer is as competitive as possible. 

Global Coverage – We give you access to 7000+ private jets worldwide. This gives you the confidence that whatever your client might throw at you, together we will exceed their expectations. 

Speed – This is absolutely essential when it comes to private jet requests, for that reason we promise to deliver you the best possible quotations in the shortest possible times. We have a deliberately limited KPI’s within our business, but this is one of them. In a world thats moving faster than ever, we have put a real focus on this and it’s having a real impact on our clients conversion rates. 

Choice – We have access to every single charterable aircraft in the word.  This means 7000+ private jets, over 10,000 commercial airliners & 5000+ Helicopters. This gives you, and your clients the freedom to choose the perfect aircraft, every single time. 

Absolutely Free – We don’t charge for any of this. We have built our business on relationships, trust and expertise and this is how we look to continue.

We feel that this is a huge step in the right direction for the private jet charter industry, pushing transparency and efficiency within the market. There is no substitute for good relationships in this business, when someone truly understands what you need most goes without saying. 

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