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Radu Balas shows people how to put their businesses in front of their clients, increase sales, drive more traffic, and build a brand. Drawing on his years of experience in the aviation industry, Radu provides priceless insights and a clear path to follow.

We have another amazing addition to add to our series of “Ask a…” This week we sat down with Rachel Marvilli. This fashion production producer turned private jet broker is excited to partner with VolAir and provide all our aviation needs.

Rachel turned her private jet charter knowledge and connections from a side hustle to a legitimate company and career. In two short years, she has provided convenience and reliability to her growing list of customers worldwide.

We were able to sit down and connect with her about her journey, their future and the current partnership with VolAir.

Q: Can you tell us how the company came together?

A: I was running my fashion production company, which produces fashion shows around the world, and as part of the production team, I was usually asked to help ‘special guests’ arrange their logistics, which included; flights, hotels and other requests. During this time, a close personal friend, who was also an artist, asked me to help them arrange a private jet for a tour they were about to embark on. Initially, I did not know where to begin, but I had a pilot friend who was able to give a brief introduction into the private aviation side of the world. Shortly after this, word of mouth spread and friends and friends of friends began to contact me to assist them. After a few short months I launched the company. A wide array of requests started flowing and the company continued to grow, very organically.

Q: Do you have ‘normal’ clientele?

A: No. My clientele is very diverse. On average, we work with executives that need to make a corporate meeting to an artist on a world tour to a family summer vacation to anything in between. There is no normal. In short, it is mainly people who travel a lot and have very demanding schedules and flying commercial is just not conducive. It is more convenient to charter an entire plane and to ensure you get there on time.

Q: What was the oddest request you have ever had?

A: An aquatic sanctuary needed assistance with transporting an ill whale from San Diego to Texas. It was logistically crazy

Q: Where is your clientele from?

A: All over the world, but mainly the United States, Europe and South America.

Q: What is the top reason(s) people leave the ‘other’ companies?

A: The monthly fees & obligations. Paying a monthly fee for something you are not using is not financially beneficial. Although, they might fly excessively a few months of the year it is not financially beneficial to pay for the other months they don’t fly. Most people initially come for a comparison, but end up staying with us because of our customer service, reliability and convenience. Everything we do is tailored to each client. All the options are a la carte, so, in general, you have more options. If you prefer a larger jet, we have it. If you prefer turbo-prop planes, or helicopters those are available too. It is very customizable to each person. The service they receive is exceptional.

Q: What excites you about VolAir? – The opportunity. I am excited about being a partner and the private aviation supplier.

Q: Are you a #cryptoGeek?

A: Cryptocurrencies are not something I have tried myself. It has definitely peaked my interest, but I am very focused on growing my businesses and do not have the time to fully invest in researching crypto. I know it is a good market, I just have not had the time to explore.

Q: Working in the aviation industry, I imagine you travel frequently, what was one of your favorite trips?

A: Niagara Falls, Canada. The view. The walk between the US and Canada. Incredible. At the same time, it is hard to pick a favorite because I also enjoy the Caribbean. I love the people, the different cultures and their mannerisms; everyone is cordial, giving and extremely helpful. The Dominican Republic is beautiful and wonderful in a unique way. Niagara Falls has the views which I can appreciate, while the Dominican Republic has the beaches, party and is always fun. The islanders are always upbeat and ready to party, even if it is 12 in the afternoon, they are ready. It has a bit of everything.

Q: What is your favorite jet?

A: Tough call because everything is purpose driven so it depending the purpose, but probably the, Citation X; It is a very smooth flight and is quite fast. Just an overall nice smooth ride. The Lear Jet 45 is great short trips and GV for longer trips.

Q: Where would you like to fly in a private jet?

A: Hawaii; main island.

We have a great leadership, partners and advisory team with extensive knowledge about Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology, Aviation and Luxury lifestyle; and we look forward to sharing their expertise with the VolAir community. Stay Tuned.

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