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Are private jets the future of travel? – NZ Herald

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People are returning to the skies but they’re doing it in style as the aviation industry sees an uptick in demand for private jets.

This comes from a combination of changes to the aviation industry due to the pandemic including fewer commercial flights, consumer hesitancy towards mass transport, and increased investment in safety and flexibility.

When the world shut down in March 2020, commercial aviation followed suit. Over 18 months on, costly travel requirements and complex border restrictions have many airlines running reduced schedules.

The result? Private flight options have become more attractive than ever, promising safety, reliability, and luxury for travelers willing to invest.

According to data from FlightAware, total global flights fell steeply in March 2020 with most types still sitting 50% lower than previous years, with one exception; business flights.

Classed as any flights that are neither commercial nor cargo services, the private industry bounced back swiftly and returned to 85-90 percent volume by July 2020.

Since then, demand for private airline travel has only continued to rise.

The majority of recent interest appears to be coming from those new to private air travel.

Are private jets the future of travel

The majority of recent interest appears to be coming from those new to private air travel. Photo / Jakob Rosen, Unsplash

Private aviation group Vista Global reported “all-time highs” in subscriptions and flight hours. The company’s subsidiary VistaJet sells 65% more global flight hours within the first half of 2021 compared to 2020. The company reported that many travelers were new to private travel.

In Australasia, APT took advantage of the surge in interest, launching its first private jet air tours in 2020. After great success, APT’s product manager for Australia and New Zealand, Maureen Styles said they were encouraged to plan more departures for 2022.

The company similarly cited freedom from commercial airline schedules as a key advantage as well as maximum sightseeing both in the air and on the ground.

As expected, the flexibility, comfort, and control of private air travel aren’t without a cost.

APT’s ‘Remarkable New Zealand’ tour, which flies return from Sydney, will set passengers back $12,595 for 12 days.

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