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Aviation – Is Aircraft Acquisition Management Worth It?

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Do you know what goes into buying a private jet?

  • The first and foremost step in aircraft acquisition is the evaluation and selection of a model.
  • In the second step, you must evaluate whether you want to buy a factory-new aircraft or a pre-owned aircraft. This decision is made depending upon your requirements, the availability of the model you wish to purchase, and analyzing the pros and cons of either aircraft.
  • Once a model is selected, you must conduct thorough research, valuation, pre-purchase maintenance inspection, and test flight.
  • The next step is to look into the financing and insurance options to make the purchase. And also get legal and tax consultations.
  • Once the purchase is made, the aircraft owner will assemble a crew and management services.
  • After which is the final transfer of power.

As we can gather from the steps mentioned above, the acquisition of a plane is no cake. And if you have no prior knowledge of planes or this is your first time acquiring a jet, there are many places where you can be duped throughout the entire process.

Just like you trust a doctor to know more about diseases and infections, similarly, you can trust an aviation acquisition management service to know how to make the best deal. Aviation acquisition management companies assist their clients through the entire process to ensure that they are paired with the best aircraft that matches their requirements and needs.

Availing the services of an aircraft acquisition management company is worth it because:

  • They help their clients evaluate the pros and cons of different aircraft models.
  • If the client has chosen to purchase a new aircraft, they help with the designing process and overlook the production of the aircraft to make sure their client’s wishes are fulfilled.
  • Their teams of legal consultants and tax advisors also help the clients with purchasing an aircraft.
  • Some management companies also conduct test flights conducted by experienced pilots to ensure that all systems are working smoothly.
  • Since they work in the aviation business, they can assemble a cabin crew and refer pilots to their clients.

In summation, there are no if or buts when it comes to assessing the worth of hiring an aircraft acquisition company because they help their clients make an informed decision and act as their liaison when they are not very experienced with aviation lingo. Hiring an aircraft acquisition management company is the wise thing to do.

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