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400+ private jets fly into Glasgow to stop man-made global warming | OpentheWord.org

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The man-made global warming propaganda conference being held in Glasgow, Scotland, is off to a great start. As the elites gather to tell the rest of the world how we must live, we need to understand these rules won’t be applying to them.

The Daily Mail reports that during the early days of the conference, over 400 private jets have already landed at Glasgow’s International Airport, including one that ferried in Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezo.

There were so many private jets it was causing traffic jams, forcing many to circle while waiting for an opportunity to land.

Undoubtedly, more private jets will be coming and going during the two-week conference.

Yes, the elites will be telling us that we can’t use our cars, but they are still allowed to use private jets when there are dozens of commercial flights into the Glasgow International Airport every day.

The Daily Mail explains:

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos‘ £48million Gulf Stream has led a 400-strong parade of private jets into COP26 including Prince Albert of Monaco, scores of royals and dozens of ‘green’ CEOs – as an extraordinary traffic jam forced empty planes to fly 30 miles to find space to park. 

And what is even a bigger disgrace, Glasgow apparently doesn’t even have a decent public bus service:

Side streets around #COP26 are choked up with chauffeur-driven cars and vans, many with their engines idling. Interesting look for a climate conference. pic.twitter.com/9NO83ydN0w

— Ciaran Jenkins (@C4Ciaran)

After flying in on his private jet for the conference, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo lectured us on how we must stop global warming.

Bezo said his recent trip into space made him realize how thin the world’s atmosphere really was and referred to man-made global warming as “a profound and urgent danger‘ after flying in on his private jet, or have I mentioned that already. READ: Jeff Bezos tells COP26 how going to space made him realise ‘how thin the globe’s atmosphere’ and says ‘the private sector must also play its part to reduce carbon emissions’… after flying in on his £48million private jet

Hypocrites. The lot of them.#GlasgowCop26 would and should have been virtual. The End.
This champagne and canape crowd has zero credibility. Climate is the new Davos.

Jeff Bezos’s £48m gulf stream leads parade of 400 private jets https://t.co/gv8JRMHZOg via @MailOnline

— Vivian Bercovici (@VivianBercovici)

And apparently, even London, England, doesn’t have a decent commercial air service, as Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is forced to use a private jet to fly home from the Glasgow climate summit. READ: Prophet of Doom Boris Johnson to Fly Home on Private Jet from Glasgow Climate Summit

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