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Up To 1,957 Miles: The World’s Longest Non-Stop Embraer Routes This Week

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This week, the Embraer 190 and 195 have about 200 routes over 1,000 miles (1,609km). The world’s longest non-stop is Australia’s Alliance from Darwin to Sydney, although the 1,957-mile (3,149km) route. We’ll look at smaller Embraer regional jets another time.

JetBlue Embraer 190
Because of JetBlue, there are more 1,000-mile-plus Embraer 190/195 routes to, from, and within the US than any other nation. Photo: Getty Images.

Over 200 routes 1,000+ miles (1,609km+)

Long routes by the Embraer 190 and 190, including the original E1 and the new E2, have an average distance of 1,237 miles (1,991km), according to data experts OAG. They have an average block time (comprising flight time, taxi time at both ends, and time for short delays) of three hours.

The use of larger regional jets on longer sectors is interesting. As they have higher seat-mile costs than larger aircraft, the use of them is usually avoided, including by Breeze. However, there are fewer seats to fill, and assuming sufficiently high-yielding markets, this should mean less discounting is required and, in turn, stronger yields, higher load factors, and higher unit revenue.

Kenya Airways Embraer 190
Kenya Airways has more Embraer 190s than any other type. Photo: Getty Images.

The world’s longest non-stop Embraer routes

This Christmas week, the longest non-stop Embraer 190/195 airport-pair goes to Alliance from Darwin to Sydney, although it will only operate on Christmas Eve – if indeed it does. While this domestic Australia link is the longest by distance, it isn’t by block time. At one minute short of five hours, that goes to Aeromexico from Santo Domingo back to Mexico City.

  1. Darwin to Sydney: Alliance, 1,957 miles (3,149km)
  2. Gran Canaria to Venice: Binter Canarias, 1,942 miles (3,126km)
  3. Mexico City to Santo Domingo: Aeromexico, 1,923 miles (3,095km)
  4. Nairobi to Mauritius: Kenya Airways, 1,922 miles (3,093km)
  5. Gran Canaria to Lille: Binter Canarias, 1,838 miles (2,958km)
  6. Johannesburg to Entebbe: Airlink, 1,821 miles (2,931km)
  7. Minsk to Nur-Sultan: Belavia, 1,816 miles (2,923km)
  8. Gran Canaria to Turin: Binter Canarias, 1,737 miles (2,796km)
  9. Maceió to Porto Alegre: Azul, 1,724 miles (2,775km)
  10. São Paulo Congonhas to Fernando De Noronha: Azul, 1,659 miles (2,670km)
Darwin to Sydney
Alliance has uploaded this schedule. It’s available in OAG and Cirium and various other places. Image: Google Flights.

JetBlue has the greatest number of flights

JetBlue has more 1,000-mile-plus Embraer routes this week than any other carrier. It has approximately 466 flights across 37 routes. These include six with a twice-daily service: Boston to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Orlando to San Juan and Santo Domingo, and White Plains to Fort Myers and West Palm Beach.

  1. JetBlue: approximately 466 long non-stop Embraer flights this week
  2. Azul: 164
  3. TAP Air Portugal (TAP Express): 146
  4. Binter Canarias: 90
  5. Finnair: 66
  6. QantasLink (using Alliance Airlines aircraft): 42
  7. Aeromexico Connect: 41
  8. Airlink (from South Africa): 34
  9. Kenya Airways: 31
JetBlue's 1000-mile-plus Embraer routes this week
At 1,597 miles (2,570km), Boston (BOS) to Houston International (IAH) is JetBlue’s longest Embraer 190 route. Note that some of the airport-pairs shown here also see the airline’s other aircraft. mage: GCMap.

A look at Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways has 15 Embraer 190s and the carrier has been using them more than ever in recent times. Nairobi to Mauritius is its longest route by the type. Operating on Tuesday and Saturday, it leaves the Kenyan capital at 21:50 and arrives at 03:10 the following day. Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays, it leaves at 04:00 and arrives home at 07:15.

While this article is about non-stops, Kenya Airways has the world’s longest one-stop Embraer route. It is from Nairobi to Cape Town via Livingstone, a distance of 2,561 miles (4,121km), with a block time of seven hours and 10 minutes. It is three miles shorter than via Victoria Falls, which replaces Livingstone on particular days.

What is the longest Embraer (or any other RJ) route have you been on? Share your experiences in the comments.

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