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The Benefits of Fixed-Cost Jet Maintenance Plans

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For a private jet owner, the regular maintenance of the jet engine is of utmost importance because that is what keeps your plane in the sky and ensures that you have a safe flight. Like most tangible assets, a jet engine is in a constant state of depreciation, and like any other machine, it needs constant maintenance, repair, and replacement.

What are jet maintenance programs?

Maintenance programs ensure that your engines, subject to wear and tear due to high interior temperatures, vibration, and friction, are operating safely. Regular maintenance is to maintain the reliability of its operations. And aviation maintenance programs, in general, make sure that the interior and exterior components are functioning properly.

Maintenance programs ensure the safety of your plane during flight. Still, it is also important to get regular maintenance because it ensures that the vibration levels caused by the rotation stages within the engine are kept to a minimum. By reducing the vibration, you are looking after your occupants’ comfort and improving the aircraft’s fuel efficiency.

The time between overhauls or TBOs dictates when the engine needs maintenance. Regular aircraft maintenance is important as it affects the resale value of the jet.

What are the benefits of a regular jet maintenance program?

  • Regular jet maintenance programs ensure passenger safety, especially from preventable accidents.
  • Without regular maintenance, aircraft are vulnerable to issues, which can lead to high replacement costs in the future. Therefore, it eliminates high unexpected costs.
  • It extends the life of your jet, as regular maintenance keeps in check all of the wear and tear an aircraft does occur during flying.
  • Enhances the aircraft resale value in the future.
  • Maintenance programs offered by the same jet manufacturer are more helpful because they have the limited-edition spare parts used in a specific jet.
  • Many jet maintenance programs also provide around-the-clock support in case of emergencies. They also allow for coordinating and scheduling aircraft maintenance based on the client’s flying requirements.

Jet maintenance programs are provided by various jet and jet engine manufacturers. Some of these are- Rolls-Royce CorporateCare Enhanced, Jet Support Services, Inc., International Aircraft Dealers Association, Bombardier Smart Services, and Honeywell Maintenance Service Plans.

Like a car, an aircraft also requires regular servicing. Don’t be irresponsible with your and your loved ones’ life. Look into aircraft maintenance programs available in your area today.

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