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Sundt Air Proudly Adds Third Bombardier Challenger Business Jet to its Fleet

Sundt Air and Bombardier recently announced the delivery of their new Challenger 350 business jet set to change the game for Sundt Air. The Challenger 350 will begin its operation and will be available for charter starting from July 2021. The Norway-based aircraft management company will manage their new business jet in Oslo.

Senior Vice President of Sundt Air Peter Likoray stated, “The Challenger 350 business jet allows passengers to remain comfortable, productive and well-rested as more people seek out safe and flexible alternative ways to travel. The iconic, market-leading Challenger 350 aircraft continues to be a top choice among the most discerning travelers.”

The Challenger 350 can take a maximum of 8 passengers from Western Europe for a non-stop flight to North America or a direct flight from Oslo to Dubai. Challenger 350 can take off short runaways like in Gstaad in Switzerland or from Long ones in Lugano and Cannes due to the runway agility that allows it to operate conveniently.

Challenger 350 was in the news in 2019 after completing a record speed flight of 2 hours and 4 minutes from Gstaad to Malaga, Spain. The average cruise speed for the flight run was recorded at Mac 0.82. The Challenger 350 is the 3rd Challenger Business Jet added by Sundt Air and is equipped with an unparalleled cabin. The aircraft offers the lowest operating cost within its category of Challenger Jets.

Challenger 350 is widely known for its regular maintenance and upgrades to better features every year. Pilots do not have a concern with this aircraft and find it reliable and convenient to use. The aircraft is known for providing a smooth ride with faster airspeeds and the ability to adapt to challenging airfields. The aircraft is well built and certified for a steep approach into the London City Airport.

Tor Bratli, the CEO of Sundt Air, announced, “As the largest operator of business jets in Norway, we are thrilled to add another Challenger 350 aircraft to our fleet. Our customers appreciate the Challenger 350 jet’s ideal combination of optimal performance and superior cabin comfort.”

Sundt Airways is popularly known to manage the newest and largest fleet of mid-size aircraft in Europe. The Challenger 350 is expected to continue the perfect blend of Smooth flight service with the well-crafted luxury of Sundt Air.

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