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Fixed-Cost Jet Maintenance Plans – Meaning and Benefits

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What are fixed costs in jet maintenance?

Jet maintenance programs and plans are maintenance services offered by aircraft manufacturers to private jet owners. Owning a private aircraft isn’t easy. Aircraft require regular maintenance and services for proper functioning and they also require the management of cabin crew and other service providers.

Therefore, many private jet owners, employ the services of jet maintenance programs that are offered by jet manufacturers and other similar service providers. Fixed-cost jet management includes:

  • Hiring and training cabin – Hiring and training the best crew for your aircraft is a tedious activity. There are many screening, health, and ability tests that a person must pass to become a crew member. Within the jet maintenance plans, the service provider will be in charge of hiring, training, staffing, and paying salaries to the cabin crew.
  • Hangar facilities – Jet maintenance plan providers offer hangar facilities when the aircraft is not in use.
  • Charter facilities – Many private jet owners don’t use their aircraft regularly. Therefore, many private jet owners charter their plans in the downtime to earn extra revenue. Jet maintenance plans provide charter facilities where they help schedule, clean, and provide hangar facilities when the plan is chartered.
  • Engine maintenance services – Jet maintenance plans include regular engine servicing.

Benefits of fixed-cost jet maintenance plans

  • Since the jet is regularly maintained it enhances the resale value of the aircraft. Especially, regular engine maintenance services also increase the chances of reselling the aircraft at a better value.
  • Fixed-cost jet maintenance plans are cheaper to avail of because they offer discounts and exciting servicing packages along with great deals on aircraft insurance.
  • Jet maintenance plans usually include the regular servicing and upkeep of engines which ensure passenger safety from preventable accidents. Engines are prone to wear and tear but with regular servicing and maintenance, your jet can last you for a long time.
  • Availing jet maintenance plans from aircraft manufacturers are especially beneficial because they have access to limited spare parts.
  • Jet maintenance plans provided by aircraft manufacturers are also great because they offer around-the-clock services to their customers in case of emergencies.
  • Since many jet maintenance services providers are well-established in the aviation industry, therefore, they can help private jet owners with assembling a cabin crew and take charge of scheduling their services, training them, and paying timely salaries.

These are only some benefits of fixed-cost maintenance plans but they should be enough to convince a first-time jet owner to be smart enough to employ them for their private jet.

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