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Dassault Aviation Selects GE Aviation for Electrical Power Distribution & Control on the Falcon10X

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GE Aviation recently got selected by Dassault Aviation to be the provider of the primary electrical power distribution system and the control system for their Falcon 10X aircraft. The Falcon 10X is the front leader on large word-class business jets. The decision taken by Dassault will benefit it and GE aviation. The recently announced Falcon 10X will get propelled forward as the choice aircraft that offers flexibility and reliability as a business aircraft.

GE Aviation is one of the top suppliers of aircraft engines and control systems. The French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation is getting provided with a revolutionary, primary, and secondary power distribution system that will provide significant weight reduction and equipment reduction.

Dassault will have flexible control of the entire aircraft that allows for an easy change to the cabin according to customer requirements. The Falcon 10X will offer the customers complete control over the cabin space. The customers could essentially decide the size of each section of the cabin according to their needs.
The design of the primary and secondary power distribution and the control system reduces the need for heavy equipment allowing for an efficient change in the cabin configuration as and when required.

The Falcon 10X will feature the most business cabin space in the industry without compromising the world-class comfort. The aircraft will offer a range of 7500 nautical miles, making it the only business jet capable of providing these features. The cabin will get equipped with windows that are the biggest amongst all the Falcons, ensuring no dark spots. The air pressure of the aircraft will also be maintained and filtered with unparalleled technology that eliminates pollutants and ozone.

In terms of connectivity, the Falcon 10X offers a personalized broadband connection that provides fast connection speeds even in remote locations. The security and safety of the aircraft get ensured with the use of military-grade designs. Despite all the additions to the Falcon 10X, it will achieve breathtaking speeds with the help of the new engine designs by GE Aviation.

Overall, Dassault made an essential decision by selecting GE Aviation for being the provider of the primary and secondary electrical power system and the control system as the Falcon 10X will be a game-changer in the market of long-distance business jets. GE Aviation just became part of that revolution, and the decades of experience benefitted the cause. The Falcon 10X will start service by the end of 2025.

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