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Top 10 Cheapest Private Jets in the World

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It is everyone’s dream to own a private jet. But, to make that dream a reality, one needs to be assiduous and dedicated. Those who have done that and are earning a fortune today. Whatever might be the case, it would be phenomenal to own a private jet. Though the prices are off the charts, for someone with deep pockets, it can be afforded. Some of the jets come at a reasonable price and offer excellent services with colossal cruise speed and range. 

If you have a passion for jets and are searching for details on the cheapest private jet in the world, then do not worry, we a list of them.

Top 10 Best Cheapest Private Jet in the world

Private jets are expedient and flexible to use. Hence, these jets are owned by prominent people for business purposes or a quick getaway. The cost of a jet might be anywhere between $1M to $600M. Regardless of the price, they are comfortable and offer privacy. The cheapest private jets are economical and consist of a wide range of features. Private jets are often considered to be quite expensive, but several companies have manufactured aircraft which has a decent price tag. Some of the affordable private jets in the world are:

#1. Learjet 60


“Image Credit: businessair.com”

With the best cruise performance that is the speed is up to 484 mph, Learjet 60 is best for business with a mid-size cabin. It has a high capacity where it can hold up to 8 passengers. Four hundred fifty-three knots is its maximum speed, and it has a range of 2409 nautical miles. It can climb 4500 feet per minute. It is a private jet cheapest to buy.

Price of the jet – $2.7M

#2. Embraer Phenom 100E 


“Image Credit: cloudfront.net”

It is a Brazilian Aircraft and is the best jet for business. It has a range of 1356 with a maximum cruise of 400 knots. It can carry a weight of 10,582 lb and a maximum of seven passengers in it. It is a light-weight jet and provides excellent features for its price. Its control speed is 110 mph. A variant of this is Ember Phenom 300.

Price of the jet – $4.4M

#3. Cirrus Vission


“Image Credit: beam.land”

Now, this is the Cheapest private jets for sale and can hold five adults plus two children. Some of the exceptional features are USB port for every seat, entertainment system and soft lighting. The maximum altitude it can go is 28000 feet and can cruise at 345 mph. It has a range of approximately 1200 nautical miles. 

Price of the jet– $1.96M

#4. Cessna Citation X


“Image Credit: https://upload.wikimedia.org/”

Cessna Citation X is among the top private jets which work the best for business. The design of this jet is unique, which sets it apart from the rest. It can carry up to 12 passengers at a time. The fuel capacity 13000 lb and its maximum range is 3125 nautical miles. It is also one of the cheapest private jets to buy.

Price of the jet- $3M

#5. Stratos 714


“Image Credit: robbreportedit.files.wordpress.com”

Stratos 714 can accommodate around 3 to 5 passengers. Its maximum speed is 402 knots, and the cruise speed is 320 knots. Its range is 1178 nautical miles. It is an American Aircraft and is one of the lightest jets also the most inexpensive jets. With great features, it surely is the best buy.

Price of the jet – $2.5M

#6. HondaJet HA -420


“Image Credit: upload.wikimedia.org”

This jet is a seven-seater with double engines having a cruise speed of 486 mph. It has a service ceiling of 43000 feet and has a range of over 1437 nmi. It is a low-wing monoplane and has a neat design. The rate of climb is 20.27 m/s. The maximum take-off weight is 10,701lb, and the length spans up to 12.99m. It is the first aircraft by Honda and is a light business jet.

Price of the jet – $3.7M

#7. Maverick Solojet


“Image Credit: upload.wikimedia.org”

Maverick Solojet is a five-seater, and it can cruise up to 350 knots. The maximum range is 1200 nautical miles. It is one of the most light-weight jets and the fastest in the world. It can climb up to 8000 ft per minute with a maximum speed of 403 mph. It is comfortable and one of the cheapest private jet to buy.

Price of the jet – $1.25M

#8. Eclipse 550


“Image Credit: upload.wikimedia.org”

It is a light-weight jet with twin-engine jet-powered aircraft. It can hold up to five passengers, including the pilot. Its maximum range is 1125 nautical miles, and the cruise speed is up to 375 kts. It can hold up to 2400 lbs of luggage capacity and can fly for a maximum of 41000 ft. The performance is exceptional, and you can experience a smooth journey. 

Price of the jet – $2.9M

#9. Spectrum S.33


“Image Credit: upload.wikimedia.org”

Spectrum S.33 is a light-weight business jet that can carry up to 9 passengers in one go. The maximum speed is 489 miles per hour and has a range of 2280 miles. The service ceiling is 45,000 feet, and its take-off weight is 7500 lbs. The length of this jet is 13.99m and height is 3.3m. It is truly one of the best with its features at an affordable price.

Price of the jet– $3.95M

#10. Embraer Legacy 650FE


“Image Credit: aerocontact.com”

This Brazilian aircraft is one of the grand jets. With its great features, it is one of the best jets out in the market. It can carry up to 14 passengers and has a range of over 3900 nautical miles. The cruise speed is 515 mph, and the maximum speed is 528 mph. it can take off at height 1750 m and provides excellent overall performance

Price of the jet – $25.9M


Now that we have seen the top 10 Cheapest private jets in the world, their features are unique, and all perform exceptionally well. They have a subtle design and are available in several variants. The capacity of the passengers differs on the price. Higher the price, better the features. However, when it comes to the cheapest, you can get innumerable features for that price range. You can choose from a variety of private jets and experience an unforgettable journey.

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