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Bombardier Introduces New Pre-Owned Aircraft Program

Bombardier recently announced its new Pre-owned Aircraft Programme that offers customers premium aircraft experience and comfort. The program aims to help customers purchase high-end, pre-owned aircraft that comply with the company’s strict safety standards. Every aircraft in this program is selected by a process that includes factory updates and Smart Services plan enrolment. The Smart Services plan offers cost-per-flight hour coverage and can later be upgraded to the manufacturer’s Smart Parts Plus and Smart Parts Preferred program.

The Smart Part program covers parts and systems that include windshields, breaks, tires, service bulletin kits, landing gear overhauls, and cabin system components. Each purchase made by the company in the selection process comes with a 1-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

The program also aims to increase customers and satisfaction with their new jets. The program offers extended features for the internal as well as the external maintenance o the aircraft with services such as deep cleaning and sanitization for the interior and a fresh coat of Matterhorn white on the exterior.

The New Pre-Owned Aircraft Program was announced after the publication of their first Bombardier Pre-Owned Market Report. The Market Report gives comprehensive data of all Bombardier aircraft transactions and their history.

The program has been created after witnessing a demand for private air travel, hence creating a shortage in the availability of aircraft. The Bombardiers Vice President Chris Milligan stated, “As life gradually begins to return to normal, the supply of business jets across the industry has been outpaced by demand.” Whenever an aircraft becomes available for purchase, Bombardier sends a notification to all its potential customers.

The statement of the Vice President of Bombardiers was back by evidence and data provided by International Aircraft Dealers Association. The data reflected that five percent of the world’s private jet fleets that were available for purchase have crossed up to 10 percent. “Bombardier’s Certified Pre-owned aircraft program is capitalizing on a resilient market where supply still hasn’t caught up with demand,” claimed Executive Vice President of Bombardier Jean Christophe Gallagher.

With the Bombardier Certified Pre-owned aircraft program, the manufacturing company can expect longer airtime of the aircraft along with a higher customer base due to the onset of private jet aircraft availability in the market.

Customers get the most exclusive selection of Bombardier pre-owned aircraft in the market under the expertise of Bombardier. Looking at the history of Bombardier business jets, customers can expect high quality and reliability in the private jets under the Bombardier Certified Pre-owned aircraft program.

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