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Top 10 Best Small Private Jets In The World

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Travelling from one part of the world to another has always been a daunting task to perform. If you turn the pages of history, you will find that most of the travellers used horses or camels as a source of travelling. Thanks to the curiosity of the human brain that today, the world is blessed with the fastest and safest mode of carrying out an expedition. Aircraft, yes, invented in the year 1903, it has turned the world of travelling. Today there are commercial, cargo as well as personal/private jets.

A private jet is also referred to as a business jet or bizjet. It is comparatively smaller in size and is apt for small groups of people. The armed forces can use it, public bodies as well as prominent people from the private sector. These small private jets can be owned privately by the people who can afford to have suitable architecture and infrastructure available. 

Top 10 Small Private Jets in the World

There is no better way to travel the world with your near and dear ones than flying in your privately owned jet plane. The type of jet to be used depends on the place you want to reach and the number of travellers boarding your aircraft. There are several types of jets available in the market. The top 10 of them are given below:

#1. Gulfstream G500:


“Image Credit: robbreportedit.files.wordpress.com”

It is the newest offering from the Gulfstream’s wide range of private jets. The services provided on the aircraft are tailored according to the traveller’s need and comfort. It also has internet connectivity which is faster than most of its competitors. The seating facility, dining facility and overall satisfaction are the real assets of this private jet. If you are interested there are always a couple for sale here – https://www.avbuyer.com/aircraft/private-jets/gulfstream/g500 

 Price: $44.5 Million

#2. Bombardier Global 7000:


“Image Credit: businessaircraft.bombardier.com”

The most important attribute of a private jet is its travelling capacity. With the same thoughts, the aircraft Bombardier Global 700 has been built. It is designed especially for long-distance flying and has a range of more than 8,500 miles in one flight. That makes it one of the best small private jets in the world. The cabin has a fully furnished dining room along with a multimedia theatre. It also has a private bedroom for a comfortable time in the air. 

Price: $72.8 Million

#3. Embraer Phenom 100:


“Image Credit: robbreportedit.files.wordpress.com”

It s a private jet developed by Embraer, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. The essential quality of this jet is its property of being lightweight. The Embraer Phenom 100 has set new and higher standards of excellent quality service, comfort of the travellers and efficient travelling. The facilities like an integrated air staircase, large windows welcoming the natural light and a large baggage storage section make the private jet so lavish and comfortable.  You can enquire with a direct seller, pasl.aero can help – https://pasl.aero/aircraft-sales/

Price: $4.2 Million

#4. Airbus ACJ319 Neo:


“Image Credit: i.ytimg.com”

This private jet has a long-range of 7,800 miles in a flight and can travel from Los Angeles to Switzerland without any halt. The ultramodern technology offers facilities like sky-ceiling, which gives a live picture of the skies above the aircraft. Also, there is extravagant art and architecture inside this private jet. The dining area, bathroom, bedroom, lounge and cinema theatre exude luxury. 

Price: $85 Million

#5. Embraer Lineage 1000E:


“Image Credit: cf-images.us-east-1.prod.boltdns.net”

This private jet is synonymous with luxury and its customization. The designers and architects of this aircraft provide the buyer with several combinations of interior designs based on the thousands of options available. There are five different zones inside the aircraft like the dining room, the lounge, the bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and the shower with a breathtaking view. 

Controller.com has a few of these – https://www.controller.com/listings/search?Keywords=Embraer%20Lineage

Price: $49.9 Million

#6. Dassault Aviation Falcon 6x:


“Image Credit: cf-images.us-east-1.prod.boltdns.net”

It is the world’s first ultra-wide body business jet. It is the successor to Falcon 5x and can carry passengers with unmatched speed. The capacity of this jet is equal to 16 passengers. The cabin is stylish, spacious and comfortable. The technology used by this aircraft is contemporary and modern, making it more efficient. It is one of the best small private jets for sale

Price: $47 Million

#7. Embraer Manhattan:


“Image Credit: beam.land”

 It is a super luxurious private jet from the range manufactured by Embraer. It is a sophisticated aircraft which welcomes the guests on aboard with a metallic mural representation of the Manhattan skyline. The interiors are decked with rich Mahogany, brass and golden fittings. The Cloud Club Bar and the Crystal Room dining area add the richness and elegance to this jet. 

Price: $83 Million

#8. Gulfstream G650ER:


“Image Credit: aviation24.be”

It is the flagship product of the Gulfstream private jet manufacturers. The interiors of this aircraft are luxurious and stylish. There is elaborate stonework with rich leather and beautiful wood detailing. There is a private bedroom, a dining area and a bathroom on board. The most important feature of this private jet is that the entire cabin system and its functionalities can be controlled using an app.

Price: $71.5 Million 

#9. Pilatus PC24:


“Image Credit: i.ytimg.com”

It is a luxury aircraft combining the facilities of a medium-sized cabin and the performance of a light jet. It is a Swiss aeroplane and stands a class apart. It has some distinctive features like an off-road landing, large door for cargo transportation and short-field performance. It has generously designed interiors almost resembling a penthouse in the sky.

 Price: $8.9 Million

#10. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ: 


“Image Credit: i.pinimg.com”

It is a supremely luxurious aircraft that has a whooping cabin space of over 4,800 sq. Ft. There are a king-sized bedroom, full office and a spacious bathroom. The grand dining room which can be converted into a full corporate boardroom is an apt example of efficient and space-optimistic interiors. The interior design is gorgeous and made out of luxurious materials like comfortable leather. The view of the interiors, as well as the view from the windows, is simply breathtaking. 

  Price: $419 Million


Flying in your private jet is a dream desired by many. Proper knowledge of the top 10 small private jets in the world, their features and their prices takes you one step closer to your dream. One must know his/her requirements from the jet and the best model which can fulfil them. 

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